Cameron Diaz is Dating A-Rod? Really?

A-Rod Cameron Diaz

Cameron Cameron Cameron. What have you done? You’re dating Alex Rodriguez? And doing things like paddle boarding and feeding him popcorn at the Super Bowl? All of the good feelings I used to have about you just flew out the window. Justin Timberlake to A-Rod. Seriously? Talk about a fall from grace. I’m ashamed of you.

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11 responses to “Cameron Diaz is Dating A-Rod? Really?

  1. Damn you! Stole my thunder. Diaz feeding A-Rod popcorn is easily the most distrubing image of the Super Bowl.


  2. As a fan of both Cameron and the Red Sox, don’t you feel that she is now damaged goods? 🙂

  3. Kevin Youkillis

    old news that they were together..but then again i do scour the internet for all things unimportant to my life. But who gets fed popcorn by their girlfriends, especially at sporting event? i say good for him i guess. it is cameron diaz (shes hot, but widely overrated)..and he cant get those million dollar fingers all buttery.

  4. j-bone

    Yeah they are dating, janet jackson showed her boob too during half time. You are a good 2 years late to the party.

    Should have taken the nfc bet a few months ago.

    • Kevin Youkillis

      come on j-bone, janet jackson’s mishap was in 06.. get with the program.

    • It’s just that when I see things this terrible I subconsciously block them out to keep my universe in order and my spirit centered. I’m a very spiritual person. May I remind you that you do not have a formidable betting record against me.

  5. j-bone

    no my .000 average is not very good, I think that Packers shoud thank me for not taking that bet.

  6. A. Rab Money

    For all that you hate him for in his professional career you got to give the guy credit in his personal life. He dumped his wife and has his selection of any women to date basically. Granted the Madonna thing was weird, but just proves he can get whoever he wants, when he wants, to feed him popcorn at the Super Bowl.

    • Madonna was more than a little weird, and good for him — Cameron is a babe in my book. That said, she must have fallen off her rocker. She must know that this guy is thought of as a complete weirdo and is generally not respected in comparison to her past gentlemen friends.

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