howiGit Reacts to the Super Bowl

Aaron Rodgers Super Bowl MVP

The Packers won the Super Bowl, and the Universe remained in order. Brady 3, Roethlisberger 2, Peyton Manning 1. Thank God. I even went so far as to bet on the Steelers to win, so that if they actually did I’d have some extra cash as consolation. I’m very happy to have paid a price for the Steelers’ loss. In fact, I think it worked out perfectly.

With 2:07 left in the game, I turned to my roommate and said, “This is everything I wanted this game to be.” Aaron Rodgers had already played great, and Ben Roethlisberger had his shot — a 2-minute drill to win the Super Bowl and tie Tom Brady with 3 Super Bowl victories. It was his shot to step up, to secure his legacy, to take himself to that next level. He failed, and I know that nobody feels bad for him. Give Aaron Rodgers credit, the guy played a hell of a game. Of all the quarterbacks in the league, he reminds me the most of a young Brady (although he’s much more mobile). Which is the highest compliment I could pay him — if the Packers continue to build around him they could be a contender for a long time.

In other news, Tom Brady became the NFL’s first ever unanimous MVP, receiving all 50 first place votes. This provides further validation of Brady’s regular season as possibly the best ever, and once again baffles me with the fact that Brady gets so much criticism on this blog.

At least Brady’s MVP and Ben’s loss provided some sort of consolation prize for an otherwise disappointing Patriots season. I can’t wait for next year.

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24 responses to “howiGit Reacts to the Super Bowl

  1. I’m surprised that Brady becoming the NFL’s first ever unanimous MVP didn’t receive it’s own post. 🙂

    • It should have, but I’ve come under criticism for my number of Tom Brady related postings as of late. It doesn’t seem to matter what he does — 3 super bowls, breaking Peyton Manning’s TD record, 16-0, arguably the best regular season ever by a QB this year, or the first unanimous MVP — he’ll never get his due from the haters out there. Which is pretty funny given how absurd the things he has done are.

  2. Everyone of those haters (with the exception of Packer fans) should be willing to trade for Brady a heartbeat. You know I would love to dump Peyton on your team…even swap.

    Btw, did you know that Bellichick is playing in the AT&T Pro Am at Pebble this week? Hoodie on a golf course…should be interesting.

  3. A. Rab Money

    I’m glad for the Packers and Rodgers winning. They deserved it this year and its good for the NFL to have them win it also. Having said this I am dissapointed in this blog for 2 reasons:
    1. You did not even post a pick for who you thought would win. This is only the single biggest sporting event throughout the year and you all but neglected it.
    B. You managed to turn a post about the Super Bowl winning Packers into 3 paragraphs of sucking Brady’s ball sack yet again. I get that this is a Boston based blog but for Christ’s sake can we talk about something other than Tom Brady for one post.

    • I’m happy for the Packers and Rodgers as well — at least as happy as I can be. It’s tough to watch a Super Bowl when your team beat both teams involved. I didn’t provide a pre-game pick because I couldn’t come up with the right answer. I kept going back and forth, so a pick would have been a shot in the dark. I did talk a lot about Tom Brady, as he’s been given a lot of flack by you all recently and his MVP proves my point. Basically no quarterback has ever been thought of more highly. That said, I also pointed out how I see a lot of similarities in Aaron Rodgers. The guy is a winner.

  4. I don’t think you can honestly say that the Patriots beat the Packers this season when Aaron Rodgers wasn’t even playing, especially since you guys almost lost that game.

    • Good point, although you certainly can’t say they lost. The Packers had everything go right that game, and their back-up QB played great though. Still, your point is a good one.

  5. j-bone

    Leave it to the guy from Boston to bring Tom Brady into the Packers vs Steelers Super Bowl.

    no Qb has ever been thought of more highly? I know you seem to think that the NFL started in the year 2001 but there a few guys name Starr, Staubach, Unitas, Montana, Young, Elway, Tittle, and Bradshaw to name a few that were and are thought of pretty highly.

    • They never were unanimously thought of as the MVP of the league. That says something about what he did this year.

      • Kevin Youkillis

        or the lack of production by others

      • I’m pretty sure I listened to the world worship Michael Vick all season, and then he did not get a single vote as a result of Brady’s performance.

      • j-bone

        What is funny is in your article titled “howigit reacts to the super bowl”, the winning qb and super bowl mvp got mentioned twice, the player who lost in the first game he played in the playoffs, seven times. maybe the backlash from the “haters” comes because everyone is tired of hearing about a player who lost a month ago and the biggest game of the football season took place less the 24 hours ago.

      • There’s a reason for that. 1) Mr. Brady made huge headlines for winning unanimously, so it was other football relevant news. 2) A major story line of the game was Ben going for his 3rd ring which would have tied Brady. Even Mr. Bradshaw brought it up.

      • j-bone

        Aaron Rogers winning the MVP and the Super Bowl was a bigger headline in most places then Brady winning his MVP. It is sad that the losing qb and player who lost in the divisional round got more press here.

  6. Maybe somebody spiked the Kool Aid.

  7. Williams

    thank god we can stop the ridiculous talk about whether or not Roethlisberger is in Brady’s class.

  8. joe

    its nice to see you root for a fairy. Quick release? Yea, because the puss won’t take a hit. Big Ben is twice the QB Brady is, and in the end will win more rings, I guarantee it.

  9. j-bone2828

    no manipulation, just using your own words against you

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