Ray Allen — Move over Reggie Miller

Ray Allen 3-point shooting

On Thursday night at 8:00pm ET the Boston Celtics will face the Los Angeles Lakers. The best rivalry in the game will be on the line, as will the title of best 3-point shooter of all-time. Ray Allen will enter the game 1 measily 3-pointer away from tying Reggie Miller’s all-time record for 3-pointers made in a career — leaving him as a virtual lock to set the all-time record in the game.

While Ray has shot a slightly better percentage than Reggie both from 3-point range and from the free throw line over his career, the difference is essentially negligible. Ray has averaged 20.4 ppg to Reggie’s 18.2, and has averaged 2.4 3-pointers per game to Reggie’s 1.8. While those numbers are significant, I haven’t even dropped the bomb on you yet:

Ray Allen will break Reggie Miller’s record in 315 fewer games. Yes, 315. That’s four full seasons!

To me, that makes it very obvious who the best 3-point shooter of all-time is. Perhaps best of all, Ray is having his best 3-point shooting season yet, averaging 46% from behind the arc. How cool would it be if the Celts could pull out a championship this year and Ray could go out on top?

One last thought for you all…..this record could last a long time. The third all-time 3-point shooter is Jason Kidd. He’s more than 1000 3-pointers behind Reggie and Ray.

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15 responses to “Ray Allen — Move over Reggie Miller

  1. A. Rab Money

    Go out on top? Why did he announce his retirement? I do not expect him to retire, even if his run with the Celts is over. There are plenty of teams who would take him, and at his age and talent level would probably get him for a good deal.

    • Oh I agree. The guy still loves playing. I’m just saying if the Celts could win this year and the big 3 could all retire that would be pretty awesome.

      • As a Celtics fan (yes I have a confused sports fan identity) I would find it decidedly not awesome if the big 3 would all retire after winning another Championship this season. Didn’t we all struggle enough during the 90’s after losing our former Superstars?

        Otherwise, it would be tremendously sweet if Allen broke the record against the Lakers.

      • These guys are getting old man. While they are all still pretty awesome, I’d prefer to see them ride off into the sunset on top rather than hanging around the league to long and becoming cripples. I doubt they’ll do that, but if they did, I’d like there style.

  2. That is a reasonable point and I wouldn’t hold it against them. As a fan would think I would rather have only one or two of the big 3 retire and hopefully provide some type of transition to the next generation.

  3. j-bone

    Do you really think they would all walk away if they won this year?

    Keep your eyes on Steph Curry who right now in his very young career is ahead of where Ray was at the same time.

    • No, I don’t think they’ll walk away but I think it would be awesome if they did. None of them have anything left to prove. You’ve got the probably the best shooting guard and power forward of this generation and in Paul Pierce one of the best small forwards. Steph Curry is off to a great start, but to say that anyone will end up in Reggie and Ray land when everyone else is at least 1000 behind is crazy. It takes not only the shot, but crazy longetivity and Rip Hamiltonesque conditioning.

      • Kevin Youkillis

        wow i did some light research and steph curry is way above any other player (that i researched) in 3 point field goals made early in their career.. he puts bird, rice, miller, allen, even papa curry to shame.
        Miller had 159 3’s in his first two years, Allen had 251..Half way through his second season Curry has 244 and is on pace for 322.. some crazy numbers.
        Keep in mind in his 3rd season allen was hurt im guessing & had only 74, and had 78 in his first year in seattle, so there is some room for a bit of leway. (although in 06-07 he did put up 269 and he is percentage wise having his best season yet this year)
        But like geoff said longetivity has a lot to do with it, but i do not think it is crazy to keep an eye on him. It also has to do with what kind of team your on, sometimes you just cant shoot 500+ 3’s a year.

      • A. Rab Money

        Ever heard of a guy named Kobe? I’d say he is just a bit better at the shooting guard spot than Allen.

        Curry could certainly become the next great pure shooter in the NBA, and it seems is ready to take the reigns from Allen already. You are right about the longevity aspect though when comparing a long time vet to a second year stud. Though the NBA is one league where it seems to be only getting easier for guys to play late into their 30’s seeing how much the style has changed in recent decades, going from a hard nosed defensive game to a finesse offensive star power exhibition throughout the regular season.

      • Good point — I was thinking purely from a shooting perspective. No argument there.

      • j-bone

        Longivity is always an issue when talking about career records but in the small sample size we have it is very impressive.

        Did you really call Ray Allen the best shooting guard of the generation?
        Kobe, Wade, Iverson, JORDAN, Reggie Miller, Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady, Joe Johnson. One time, just once look outside of Boston before declaring someone or something the best.

      • You’re right, my mistake — I was thinking totally from a shooting perspective as that’s where my mind was when writing this article. I do think Ray is the best there. But Kobe is better, as is Jordan obviously and Wade as well. Jordan and Kobe are sorta 2/3 hybrids though. Iverson is a PG, Ray is better than Reggie, Vince, Tracy, and Joe.

  4. j-bone

    They are all listed at sg. I think as complete basketball players you could argue carter and mcgrady.

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