Congratulations, Ray Allen

Ray Allen

Ray Allen hit two 3-pointers in the first quarter against the Lakers last night, breaking Reggie Miller’s career record of 2,560 3-pointers and establishing himself as the best 3-point shooter in the history of the game. Ray embraced Reggie Miller on the sideline as well as his mom and his family, and even received daps and a congratulatory slap on the behind from Kobe Bryant. Bryant, who entered the league in the same draft class as Allen, called Ray’s stroke “water” and reflected on Allen’s ability to play at a high level for so many years. Kudos to Kobe for being a class act.

As a fan, this record feels particularly good. It’s authentic (See Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds). Ray has been an absolutely model player for the NBA throughout his career, and is one of the most highly thought of players in the NBA. I was at a Boston bar for the game, and I can’t tell you how excited fans were for this record.

Keep it going Ray. I have a feeling you’re going to make a couple big shots in the playoffs this year…

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13 responses to “Congratulations, Ray Allen

  1. j-bone

    Good for Jesus

    The Lakers height was trouble for the C’s again last night

    • I’m not worried about that at all this year — the Celts were toasting them in the first have then played uninspired in the second half after the record was set. We’ve got as much depth as anyone now in terms of big men, injuries have been an issue but we’ll be fine.

      • j-bone

        Just because there are alot of big men on the roster does not mean it is a good thing. Injuries are going to be a problem when more then half of the contributers are 30 or older.

      • Last year it took a 4th quarter meltdown in game 7 and an injury to our starting center to keep us from winning the Finals. The one area we lacked depth in was big men. We added two. I’m 100% happy with where the Celts are at. If I was a betting man, I’d put my odds on them to win over any other team. At this point, I’d go in this order:

        1) Celtics
        2) Lakers
        3) Heat
        4) Spurs

  2. j-bone

    Yes meltdown and a injury away, last year. Then they then went out and got older. If injuries are a factor now, how is going to be 3 months from now with another 40 games on those old knees. I don’t think Jermaine O’Neal, or Shaq for that matter changes what took place last year. Play that game seven again this year and I will give you both O’Neal’s and give the Lakers a healthy Bynum, the Lakers still win.

    I think the road through the East is going to be tougher. They possibly will have to face the Heat with their big three, the Magic who have beaten them in the playoffs before, the Bulls who gave them all they could handle last year and have gotten better, a dangerous Hawks team, or the Knicks with Melo. Not exactly and easy road for a older team.

    1. Lakers
    2. Spurs
    3. Heat
    4. Celtics
    5. Magic

  3. Alan Weeks

    I was pumped to see Ray break the record, even though I didn’t actually see him break it thanks to G and I’s waitress at the bar last night, but that said, the C’s played very uninspired after the record was broken. It was like they didn’t care about the game after that three went down. The Celtics are infamous for playing up to great teams and playing down to scrub teams, but we have to be better than we were last night. Props to Kobe for the class, hopefully he didn’t engage in any illegal behavior with any of our boston broads while he was in town.

    • j-bone

      Kobe had nothing but nice things to say about Ray Ray. Very classy night all around for one of the classier guys in the league. Now he is an example of how all NBA players should act on and off the court.

      • Down boy. Nobody is saying Kobe is a good guy. He just actually acted appropriately for once, which was nice to see.

      • Alan Weeks

        Not sure that sodomy is the kind of off court behavior that David Stern is looking for. Unless he is trying to create more naked cocaine fueled Allen Iverson incidents. But hey, I am willing to tip my hat to the guy who thought that changing his number from 8 to 24 made people forget that he is an adulterer who buys his wife’s affection with diamonds. Good job Mr. Bryant!

      • j-bone

        I meant Ray you over sensative Boston boys, it was Ray Allens night, he is the classy guy that Stern should want his players to be like.

      • The word “Now” through me off and made me think you were using sarcasm font.

  4. j-bone

    No I meant he is as opposed to Shaq

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