Glen Davis — Midseason 6th Man of the Year?

Glen Davis Celtics

By Matt Moore, howiGit Contributing Writer, Boston, MA

With the NBA approaching its All-Star break, now is a time where a lot of experts and fans alike start to hand out midseason awards. Blake Griffin is the clear-cut choice for Rookie of the Year, the MVP race seems to coming down to LeBron, Derrick Rose, and Dwight Howard, and Garnett is making a strong case to recapture the title of Defensive Player of the Year from Howard. But what is probably the most surprising is the strong case one could make for Glen Davis as Sixth Man of the Year.

Davis is in his fourth and most productive season since being drafted by Boston in 2007. Through 53 games, he has career highs in minutes per game (29.5), free throw percentage (.756), rebounds (5.2), assists (1.4), and points (11.8). The numbers back up the fact that Davis is playing as good as anyone has seen him play in Boston, but where his real value comes is better stated in terms of when he is contributing. The first big man off the bench, Davis backed up Shaq for the first few months of the season, and now does the same for Perkins. With O’Neal often in foul trouble and fatigued late in games, Davis was part of the closing unit along side the other four starters. His role remains the same, as Perkins’ minutes are limited. Davis gives the Celtics a player that can score, play tough defense, and rebound late in games. He works well protecting the paint with Garnett, and has drawn an astounding number of charges. He is doing this all while being an undersized 6’9. Despite the apparent lack of height, Davis is active around the rim, scoring inside and collecting offensive rebounds. His ability to get shots up around taller defenders by using the rim and body position is impressive. You can also see an improvement in his post moves and jump shot. With the injuries the Celtics have had, especially to the front court, Davis has only started nine games, all when Garnett went down earlier in the season. He is by far the most important player off the Celtics bench right now, and is the foundation for the second unit.

So who is his competition for the Sixth Man Award? I think right now the popular choice, and deservedly so, is the Maverick’s Jason Terry. He’s averaging 16 points a game for Dallas and is a big reason why they are second in the West. Terry gives them instant offense off the bench,and is often on the floor with Kidd and Nowitzki. He can shoot threes and takes big shots at big moments. We saw it first hand earlier this month when Terry had 17 points in a 101-97 Dallas win in Boston.

There are a few other bench players in the league that have better numbers than Davis, but that shouldn’t be the only factor in deciding the award. Davis’s value to the Celtics can’t be measured completely by statistics. It’s also interesting to note that Davis is having his best season heading into free agency this summer. But for now, the Celtics are happy to have him wearing green, and making big contributions towards their goal of another NBA title.

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17 responses to “Glen Davis — Midseason 6th Man of the Year?

    • Tell me about what Lamar has done.

      • j-bone

        well he average 15 pts 9 rebounds and 3 assists a game vs big baby’s 11, 5, and 1.5.

        In the two games they have played each other Lamar is averaging 12.5 , 8.5, 1.5. Davis 10.5, 6.5, 1.5.

        Lamar comes off the bench and plays pretty much all five positions. He fits in seamlessly with the first and second team and allows the Lakers to rest some of their older players for extended periods of the game. He plays defense and is a match up problem with pretty much every team.

      • In terms of Lamar versus Big Baby, there’s no argument — you’re right, Lamar’s numbers are better. That said, and you’ll hate this, I can attest to the number of clutch shots and plays Big Baby has made this year. It’s one of his biggest upsides. I haven’t watched the Lakers enough, so I’m not sure how clutch Lamar is. I know you hate clutchness though.

        That said, my real argument here is that Lamar is not really the Lakers’ 6th man — he’s started the majority of their games, which in my eyes disqualifies him as really being a 6th man.

  1. j-bone

    and Big Baby starting in place for Garnett does not count, and I am pretty sure that a Rockets fan would say that whoever the 6th man is has made some great plays just watch him.

    That is why anytime anyone says oh I’ve watch this guy and take my word hes great I watch every game is bs. I can say Sean Williams on the Knicks has made great plays. Any team that is watched will have that. Back it up with when he made these plays, or stats with him in the last 2 minutes. You both stated Big Baby makes contributions that do not show in the stat sheet, so Lamar only shows up in the stat sheet and makes no other contributions?

    • No that’s not what I’m saying, I’m saying I don’t know Lamar’s intangibles and that sort of thing as much, that’s all. Big Baby has started in 8 games, Lamar has started in 32 — that’s my point.

      • j-bone

        Because the starter was hurt for those 32, when he is healthy he is the 6th man. Lamar averages 4 more minutes a game then Glen, its not like he is playing an extra quarter.

      • Point taken. Would you consider yourself a Lamar Odom fan? Just curious.

      • j-bone

        No feelings either way, I do think he is a better sixth man then Davis, who may not even be the 6th man with a fully healthy Celtic team

  2. Matt

    The argument for Odom is a valid one. Overall he is a more complete player than Davis is right now. Both players play every night with the first and second unit. Odom is third on the Lakers in scoring behind Kobe and Gasol; and Davis is fourth on the Celtics behind the Big 3. So it’s difficult to say who is more valuable to his respective team based on numbers. The reason I left Odom out of the article was because of right now, he technically isn’t eligible for the award. A player has to of come off the bench more games than he’s started; so for Odom, he’s started 32 out of 57 games. I’m sure in the second half he won’t start as many games if the Lakers stay healthy, but in terms of a midseason review, he wasn’t in the discussion. At the end of the season, Odom will most likely be a contender for the award, but right now I’d lean towards Davis.

  3. Kevin Youkillis

    the new khloe kardashian/lamar odom unisex perfume/cologne is to die for.

  4. A. Rab Money

    Davis missed a dunk on a fast break and it was more pathetic looking than one of our own Mr. G-it’s dunk attempts. And I would wear anything Ron Artest endorses;

    Now say Queensbridge.

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