Joba (Chamberlain) the Hutt

Joba Chamberlain

By Thalia Bardell, howiGit Contributing Writer, Boston, MA

Boy, could this Red Sox off-season get any better? Theo Epstein makes moves to sign Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford. Cliff Lee decides to take his talent to the National League, Andy Pettitte retires, and now Yankee reliever Joba Chamberlain shows up to Spring Training looking, well, a little doughy. Of course, the Yankee organization does not want to focus on the weight, but General Manager Brain Cashman did say that Chamberlain was, “obviously heavier” and gave no indication as to whether the pitcher weighed in above or below the number suggested for the beginning of Spring Training. Chamberlain says it’s all muscle, but I say cue the Joba-the-Hutt jokes because if he’d been getting ripped in his bi’s and tri’s Cashman wouldn’t have called him “heavier,” he would’ve called him “fitter.” It’s not the weight that really matters – that’s just another excuse for me to rip on the Yankees — but  rather the question of preparedness. This extra weight around Joba’s middle suggests that perhaps he spent a little too much time watching pod racing and not enough time busting his butt at the gym. He didn’t work as hard in the off-season as he could have, or even should have, as a player who struggled last year and who’s future with the Yankees is up in the air. If I had something to prove I’d do my best to show up to Spring Training with a Situation style six-pack.

Like John Lackey – ok, he doesn’t have a six-pack – but he did arrive in Ft. Myers looking pretty svelte. Perhaps he wants to prove he can live up to the hype that he fell a bit short of in 2010 – that he’s worth the $82.5 million contract the Sox gave him. Whatever it is, something lit a fire under Lackey’s butt and instead of joining Joba at the buffet he amped up his cardio routine and lost about 15 pounds for the start of the 2011 season. This was at no urging from the Red Sox staff – now that’s taking some initiative. So really what I’m saying here is that the Red Sox look much better than the Yankees coming into 2011. No literally. We’re better looking. So what if the Yankees have Alex “the popcorn eater” Rodriguez at the hot corner? They’re down Pettitte’s cheekbones and we’re up a Jon Lester, a Clay Buchholz, and a newly slim Lackey. I say, bring it Yanks, because baseball is life and the same saying applies: “When you’re hot you’re hot and when you’re not you’re not”.

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9 responses to “Joba (Chamberlain) the Hutt

  1. j-bone

    funny because beckett and dice-k are notorious for being fat when they get to camp and working their way into shape

    • I think that’s part of the reason why Beckett has had issues with lingering injuries.

      • j-bone

        Probably and as a top of the rotation starter that is worrisome, for a guy who at absolute best is the third guy out of the bull pen and more likely will not be in pinstripes for the entire year, who really cares. No one gives a crap about how fat 7.5 million fat boy Bobby Jenks is, which is plenty fat.

      • I’m not saying there aren’t other fat players out there. I’m saying you can’t deny it would be a lot better if Joba had come into camp having gotten himself in shape.

  2. A. Rab Money

    He is a middle reliever and barely hanging on to a spot on the team as it is. I think he sees his future with the Yanks is coming to an end and will likely be part of a trade at some point this season. He was always the kind of player who appeared to lack motivation, and as a Yankee fan this really means nothing to me or how I think the team will perform as a whole. With Soriano added to the pen Joba will not have an important role coming into the season anyways. I look more at someone like CC who showed up 15 pounds slimmer and is coming off a league leading 21 win season as what I expect the see from major contributors.

  3. Just because the Sox added all these names, doesn’t guarantee anything. I site one example, the New York Yankees. Payroll and star power doesn’t necessarily get you a championship (unless your the 1997 Marlins). Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go brush the snow off of my star fighter.

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