NCAA Basketball — If College Never Ended

Rajon Rondo Kentucky

By Jimmy Cunningham, howiGit New York Writer, Manhattan, NY

There were no real meaningful games going on between the lines this weekend, so with nothing to argue about I took a look at which college would put together the best NBA team of current pro players. I tried to keep the players in the positions they are currently playing but that was not always possible — I also only considered teams that had enough depth to field a decent bench.


PG- Russell Westbrook; SG- Arron Afflalo; SF Trevor Ariza; PF- Kevin Love; Center- Dan Gadzuric

Bench- Darren Collison, Baron Davis, Jrue Holliday, and Matt Barnes. UCLA has the deepest team at point guard, but they generally lack size. With Kevin Love’s rebounding and outlet passes this team should be able to run.


PG- Jason Williams; SG- Corey Brewer; SF- Mike Miller; PF- Joakim Noah; C-  Al Horford

Bench- David Lee, Udonis Haslem, Matt Bonner. This is another very deep team, but they are deep only on the front line. When Lee and Haslem are your bigs coming off the bench you know this team will be able to rebound and score in the paint.


PG- Ben Gordon; SG- Ray Allen; SF- Caron Butler; PF- Rudy Gay; C- Emeka Okafor

Bench- Rip Hamilton, Haseem Thabeet, Charlie Villanueva, and AJ Price. This team would score a lot of points. They do lack a “true” point guard but have some great shooters that will spread the court.


PG- Rajon Rondo; SG- John Wall; SF- Tayshaun Prince; PF- DeMarcus Cousins; C- Nazr Mohammad

Bench- Patrick Patterson, Jodie Meeks, Keith Bogan, and Eric Bledsoe. This team is lightning quick in the front court with Wall and Rondo. They both play point but with the speed these two bring it would be hard to resist playing them at the same time.


PG- Chris Duhon; SG- J.J. Redick; SF- Shane Battier; PF- Carlos Boozer; C-Elton Brand

Bench- Corey Maggette, Grant Hill, Loul Deng, Sheldon Williams. One of college’s most successful programs would put together a very well-rounded team. They may be lacking some offense but would be able to fundamental themselves to a few wins.


PG- DJ Augustine; SG- Daniel Gibson; SF- Kevin Durant; PF- Damion James; C- LaMarcus Aldridge

Bench- TJ Ford, Dexter Pittman, Royal Ivery, and Avery Bradley. This is another team that will be able to score. They also have the best player in this hypothetical league which makes them a top team.


PG- Raymond Felton; SG- Vince Carter; SF- Marvin Williams; PF Antwan Jamison; C- Brendan Heywood

Bench- Ty Lawson, Tyler Hansbrough, Wayne Ellington, and Ed Davis. This will be a fun team to watch with some good athletes coming off the bench. Big men may be a problem for this team, although running will not.


PG- Gilbert Arenas; SG- Andre Iguodala; SF- Richard Jefferson; PF- Jordan Hill; C- Channing Frye

Bench- Mike Bibby, Jason Terry, Luke Walton, Jerrod Bayless.Yet another team that would have no problem filling the hoop. They lack some serious inside presence and passing may be an issue with this starting 5. Having Bibby come off the bench to distribute the ball around is valuable.


PG- Mario Chalmers; SG- Kirk Hinrich; SF- Paul Pierce, PF- Nick Collison, C- Cole Aldrich

Bench- Drew Gooden, Xavier Henry, Darrell Arthur, Sharron Collins. One of the slowest teams on this list may struggle against some of the speed shown by others, however I do like the make up of this team and think everyone in the starting 5 would fit well into their roles.

Wake Forest

PG- Chris Paul; SG- Josh Howard; SG- Al-Forque Aminu; PF- Darius Songala, C- Tim Duncan

Bench- Ish Smith and Jeff Teague. This team is not very deep but watching Chris Paul and Tim Duncan play together would be a treat.

Now which team is the best? I think the two best would be UCLA and Florida. UCLA has the best quality depth in the back court and Florida has the best quality depth in the front court. Florida looks to be the best team from top to bottom. I really like the make up of the UCONN team who would score in bunches. The only team that may be more fun to watch would be Kentucky with all the speed they have in the back court.

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8 responses to “NCAA Basketball — If College Never Ended

  1. A. Rab Money

    Very creative article and good rosters put together for all of the teams included. I would take Texas over all the others though mainly for Durant who is the best scorer in the whole list. Also Augustine at PG and Aldridge at C are great players who I think would fit well with the others on that team. Uconn could be a better contender if you place Kemba Walker, their current PG and Player of the Year candidate on the team.

    • Agreed that it’s tough to argue against a team that can be based around Durant’s soring ability. That said, Kentucky and UConn were the teams that stood out to me, although I’m not sure how well either of these teams would play together.

  2. Chucky Cheese

    I think Xavier would be the best team. They have the best player in the NBA right now. David West.

    Iowa State would have been interesting. Marcus Fizer is a big man.

  3. Nice! Entertaining blog.
    I’d make UConn the favorite. out of this bunch.

  4. Nice thoughts here. UConn back court would be ridiculous. I think the High School team would definitely destroy just about any former college players. Monta Ellis, Kobe, LeBron, Amar’e, Dwight Howard

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