Carmelo Anthony to the New York Knicks — Easy Does it NYC

Carmelo Anthony New York Knicks

Ok, Ok, Carmelo Anthony is finally going to the New York Knicks. Your prayers have been answered Knicks fans. Your savior is here.

I’d like to start by saying, “good for you.” If I was a Knicks fan, I’d be psyched. Carmelo is a top 5 player in the NBA, and having him join up with Amare Stoudemaire is undeniably a potent combination offensively. This trade was widely cited by critics as the Knicks giving up too much — most of the players responsible for the Knicks’ “resurgence”,  $3 million in cash, and all of your upcoming major draft picks. I agree that the Knicks gave up too much to get Melo, but my thinking is “so what?” This is what the Knicks had to do to get him, and sometimes you’ve got to take a step backwards in order to go forwards. I have no doubt that the Knicks will be able to recruit other scrubs who are pretty good and simply want to play in NYC with Melo and Amare, just as the Heat did with players like Eddie House and Mike Miller. In other words, this was the right move.

Now, I’m going to play devil’s advocate — hear me out on a few major issues in regard to this trade.

1) Chauncey Billups was included in this trade, which is huge — he’s a great veteran player and already has some chemistry with Carmelo. That said, he’s old and he doesn’t want to play in New York. Denver is his home, and he was thrilled to head back there following his time with the Pistons. While Billups isn’t pleased, he’s a player in the twilight of his career. I’d expect him to suck it up, and make the best of this final opportunity for him to win a Finals and play on the big stage. This isn’t a huge concern for me.

2) While this trade is not about this year, I wouldn’t expect much from the Knicks this year. They haven’t had time to play together and have a completely new roster. They’ll have growing pains, a la the Heat. But in the future, two stars is not equal to three. The Celtics have four, the Heat have three. While Melo and Amare are more than enough firepower, this brings injuries into the game in a major way. If Melo or Amare is injured in the upcoming seasons, or simply in the playoffs, this team will not have enough depth to win. Period. That’s something to be seriously concerned about as you fix your eyes on NBA titles.

3) Melo just made himself Lebron #2, at least to some extent, no? I’m sure you New York fans won’t agree. Whether you like it or not, that’s partially because you are bitter that Lebron snubbed you. But let’s face the facts — while Melo did not hold a ridiculous press conference and refer to himself in the third person a la Lebron, his departure was a bit ugly. Like Lebron, he left a larger contract on the table to go elsewhere after several seasons in Denver. Like Lebron, he made some bad comments like saying “I’ll be playing in Denver for the game on Tuesday at least,” during the course of all-star weekend. This move, like Lebron’s, also seems to suggest that he couldn’t get it done on his own. Sure, James joined D-Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. Carmelo is joining the second leading scorer in the NBA in New York, which is something even Lebron can’t say. So this whole thing is a little hypocritical, no? If you’re saying Lebron can never be looked at in the same light because he joined forces with Dwayne Wade, then Carmelo can’t be seen in the same light either because he’s joining forces with Amare. Sorry, NYC, but I’m not sure how you can argue that.

I think those are some very valid points, and some legitimate concerns. That said, it is a big day for Knicks’ fans, I understand that and applaud this move. I’d still take the Celtics or the Heat in a series though, sorry guys.

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16 responses to “Carmelo Anthony to the New York Knicks — Easy Does it NYC

  1. j-bone

    No one said this move was for this year. The Knicks were not winning the championship this year either way. No team is going to want to see the Knicks in round 1 though.
    Did they really give up too much. Look at the Nuggets roster and then the Knicks, which one do you want. I have seen the Chandler, Gallo, Al Harrington show and it is not pretty.
    For Melo vs Lebron. Melo did not string anyone along he was pretty upfront about not signing that contract since day one. Melo was asked the question on the bench after saying three time he wasnt talking about it and having other players telling the reporter to go away. He did not call a press conference and know what he was going to say. Melo does not model himself after Jordan, Lebron does. This has been Amare’s team for half a year, it was Wades team their entire career.
    Billups is huge, but not because of why you mentioned. His contract has a team option of 14 million next year. If the Knicks pick that up they will have a 14 million expiring contract which will be a great assett in trying to get Chris Paul or Darren Williams. The playoff experience may help them win a few games or a series this year, but it is a very good contract in the future.
    Yes they dont have a big three or four, but they have two top ten players and the flexibility to get a third. By then Pierce might actually need his wheel chair, Garnett will be in old folks home order anger management, and Ray will still be stroking the ball somewhere. In terms of the Heat, this all has to happen but their big three may be more “talented” with wade and lebron, but as a team the Knicks would have a big that can score, a pure scorer in Melo and a real pg keeping everyone happy, that may be a better big three in terms of basketball.

    • I think Melo was stringing everyone along, quite a bit. And I think that saying Lebron models himself after Jordan but Carmelo doesn’t is crazy — they both aspire to be as Jordanesque as possible. Other than that, good points, and I do think they’ll land a big point guard at some point.

  2. Teck

    Melo did make himself look like an ass when he said he tips his hat to himself for having to deal with all of this hoopla! I still say going from Felton to billups is a downgrade. Amare needs a good passing point guard to to run that pick and roll with and billups is not that. They lose theirs guys that stretch the court and the way to defend them is to pack it in and make the jump shot beat you cause both melo and amare are midrange and in scorers

  3. Teck 9

    i think it goes without saying that they gain another forward who doesnt play defense….in all honesty the team is better with him, but the nuggets front office manipulated the knicks front office, they made the knicks into the desperate ones when it should have been the nuggets

  4. j-bone

    The knicks were desperate because they added timofy mosgov at the end?

  5. A. Rab Money

    There are quite a few holes in the comments you listed, but many valid points also. First off you talk about the star power of the Celtics and Heat. Clearly the Celtics have 3 or 4 stars if you count Rondo, which allows for more flexibility, but the Knicks have 2 that are young and have many years left in their prime with a great opportunity for a third in 2012. Also,the injury arguement is true, but as a Celts fan who yourself claim if Perkins was healthy last year they would have beat the Lakers, how can you say we need to worry about this while inferring the Celtics dont? Its the same for any team come playoff time. Also you said he left a larger deal on the table to go somewhere else, which is false. By being traded mid season he can now sign the same extension he would have with the Nuggets, and make the same amount. This is why it was so important for the Knicks to get him now and not hope he would come in free agency becuase then they would have to convince him to come to NY and make $20 mil less for the next 3 years. Other than that I do agree with most of what you say. Huge day for us Knick fans and now NY has something real exciting to look forward to for at least the next few years, if not longer.

    • To address the depth issue I raised, I think that any loss to a starter hurts obviously. That was very true in terms of Kendrick, especially on the defensive side of the ball versus the Lakers. That said, the Celtics could still be highly competitive without him. The Celtics could lose one of their stars and still compete. As could the Heat. That won’t be the case with the Knicks. If Amare or Melo goes down, it’s season over in terms of championship hopes.

  6. j-bone

    I meant no championship above.

    I think Pierce is the most irreplaceable Celtic. Which must be hard to watch as a fan because a light breeze makes him act like he got shot a few times and needs a wheelchair to carry him out.

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