5 SportsCenter Storylines That Need To Go Away


By Thalia Bardell, howiGit Contributing Writer, Boston, MA

I’ve probably brought this on myself – I should really change the channel, read a book, or download some new music – but instead, I watch a lot of SportsCenter. I watch it at the gym, if my roommate isn’t home for dinner; sometimes I just leave it on for background noise when I’m alone in my apartment. This is a regrettable thing to admit but, I can’t tell you anything about the Obama administration at the moment, but I can tell you what Kobe said after the NBA All-Star game, that Manny Ramirez worked out with a new trainer this off-season, and that the NFL Players Association and the NFL owners have been able to meet for five days in a row now. Make of this what you will. Like I said, I know I should really change the channel, maybe flip over to NBC once in a while, but as of right now I’m stuck on Channel 15 so naturally I have started to hear the same stories over, and over, and over again. howiGit’s blog has a long-standing tradition of lists and I thought, as the new kid, it’s time I threw one down. So here it is: The Five SportsCenter Storylines that I Hope I’ll Never Hear Again But Will Probably Hear Tomorrow. In no order of importance:

1) Duke — The Duke University Blue Devils are back in the top spot of the ESPN/USA Today coaches poll. Big surprise. If SportsCenter wants to get off on Duke that’s fine with me, but I say call me back when you’re in the Big East Conference and we’ll talk. North Carolina and Florida State are competitors, but Boston College? Great at hockey, mediocre at basketball. The 12 – 1 record loses a little of it’s clout when your schedule includes such stellar teams as the Elon Phoenix – the only reason I know that Elon exists is because my best friend goes to school there. You see my point?

2) Mel Kiper Jr. — There is truly no rest for the college football weary. It was straight from the Cam Newton, sorry, BCS National Championship to the NFL Draft. Whose stock is rising? Whose stock is falling? How many different mock drafts can one make?! Maybe I find this uninteresting because I attend a school with no football team, but Mel Kiper Jr. sure isn’t helping the situation. First, his head just freaks me out. Second, all the yelling and pointing – not effective. If I must hear about the draft I prefer to hear it from calm and composed Todd McShay. Seriously, I’m surprised I have yet to have a nightmare involving Mel Kiper Jr.’s disembodied head.

3) Blake Griffin — This is by no means a dig at Griffin’s ability on the court. This guy has more basketball talent in his left pinkie fingernail than I do in my entire body; I think he’s a player with talent and athleticism. But lately Blake has become that song that gets overplayed on the radio. For the first couple of weeks you’re all about it, you blast it in the car with the windows down, but then it starts to get old, then annoying, then you just want to turn it off all together. Blake Griffin has been overplayed by ESPN; he’s the Sex on Fire of sports right now.

4) Anything Involving the Word “Union” — The talks between the NFL Owners and the Players Union is important stuff, I get it. But walking out of meetings? C’mon guys let’s be mature about this. Strikes are supposed to be about fighting real horrendous working conditions; I’m talking mines, railroads, and sweatshops. The head trauma thing is serious and more and more medical research points to the fact that concussions are permanently life altering, but let’s get some perspective and hammer this deal out. What I want is some football in 2011. What I don’t want is to see another tweet, article, or story involving the names Peter King and Roger Goodell.

5) Carmelo Anthony — Finally. Finally. You chose. I don’t care, you’re still that kid who took forever in the lunch line deliberating between chocolate and strawberry milk. Now, instead of the rumors, it’s going to be two weeks worth of content on Carmelo’s version of “the decision.” Bring on the Chris Broussard!

I’m going to go read now. Oh wait, no I’m not. Where’s the remote?

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12 responses to “5 SportsCenter Storylines That Need To Go Away

  1. Got caught running on a treadmill in a gym with a tv tuned to espn over the sunday morning. The sports news loop must be only 20 minutes and then it repeats .. over and over. I saw blake griffin jump over the car and dunk it a million times (seemed like it). Chris Kelley – Framingham

  2. A. Rab Money

    I do like the Griffin highlights. At least ESPN has finally relieved itself of “Favrecenter”, at least until mini camps open and the talk of a possible return comes about once again.

  3. Living in LA especially makes the Blake Griffin song very outdated and annoying aka any Katy Perry track, but yes I respect his skills & entertainment value. I think the rest of the list is on point as well.

  4. Torin D

    That is your list? Nowhere did I see anything about Tiger Woods (they really will not let that story die), Derek Jeter/Yankees (why am I not surprised that is not on the list) or Albert Pujols (The Decision III)?

    As a Duke fan, when they lost to St John’s (is that put too mildly) on Jan 30, there was NO talk about them. You got a 3 week respite from Duke. Moreover, when every other team in the top 4 lost this past week, analysts were still saying Kansas, Pitt or Ohio State should be number 1. Along with a win over Elon, Duke also beat K-State, Michigan State, UNC, Temple, UAB, Butler and BC (all are ranked in the top 50 – as well as Princeton at 52…and Marquette). They lost to 2 physical, athletic teams on the road. Losing to the Johnnies on the road is not tough to do…ask Pitt. Duke did go away. And they will go away again by mid-April, after they win another championship…when Kyrie Irving announces he is going pro.

    So which Big East team do you want to compare Duke to? You poke fun of Duke beating Elon (12-16) (FYI – Duke also played UNC-Greensboro 6-22), but what about Notre Dame beating Georgia Southern (5-25…and lost to Elon and UNC-Greensboro)? Pittsburgh played Md-Eastern Shore (6-21), Delaware St (9-18) and Ill-Chicago (7-22). Nova (Marist 5-24)? UConn (Fairleigh Dickenson 5-23 and UMBC 5-24)? Cuse (Colgate 7-21)? L’ville (FIU 9-18 and Gardner-Webb 10-20)? Only Georgetown (who lost to a team outside the top 100) has not played a team with an RRI over 300.

    But yes, Duke certainly gets ENTIRELY too much airtime. I preferred last season when they were not #1 all season and considered the team that did not deserve a #1 seed. How’d they do in that tournament?

    • You’re a Duke fan? From Miami? And you get to live in the Bahamas? Damn you. Good point with the whole Big East/Duke argument though, and Tiger should have been on the list as well.

  5. Thalia

    This list is purely opinion based – Pujols and Jeter didn’t make the list because I prefer baseball over everything, although I believe it is fair to say that Pujols didn’t get nearly as much airtime as Anthony.

    As far as Tiger is concerned – he’s just background noise at this point; he didn’t even register in my consciousness.

    I do see your point about Duke though.

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