Kendrick Perkins Traded by Celtics — Why?

Kendrick Perkins Traded

Kendrick Perkins was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder yesterday, in a move that leaves nearly every Bostonian I’ve talked to scratching their heads. Shortly before yesterday’s 3:00pm trade deadline Celtic’s GM Danny Ainge apparently decided his team’s Eastern Conference leading 41-15 record wasn’t quite good enough, retooling the Celtic’s roster by sending 4 Celtic’s packing. Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson traded to  Oklahoma, backup center Semih Erden and Marquis Daniels sent elsewhere in exchange for draft picks. Now I know the Celtics are old, but are we really going to begin rebuilding in the midst of a season where we’ve got as good of a title shot as anybody?

While the Celtics acquired Jeff Green and his 15.2 ppg from Oklahoma, offense is simply not what the Celtics need. To draw an Alanis Morissette parallel, the Celtics roster is now “like 10,000 spoons (scorers) when all you need is a knife (defenders).”  This was never more evident than in the playoffs last year, when Perkins’ defense was a major key to containing the likes of Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol. Last offseason’s battle cry was “we need more depth at center,” and in Shaq and Jermaine O’Neal it looked as though Danny Ainge had complied. Then he goes out and trades his starting center and a backup center who had shown major potential? While Jeff Green is undoubtedly a much better player than Perk, this is simply a circumstance where the Celtics got worse by adding a better player. It appears as though Ainge has something of a love affair with Green, who he originally selected as the 5th overall pick in the 2007 NBA draft before trading him to acquire Ray Allen.

Also acquired in the trade was Nenad Krstic, a 7-footer cited for a lack of defense and rebounding ability (is that possible at 7 feet?). That’s exactly what we don’t need — another clumsy big body for Pau and Dwight to light up — it just doesn’t make sense. The good news is this seems to suggest that Ainge has indications that the O’Neal twins will be returning to the Celtics’ line-up soon — or that he’s got some other trick up his sleeve.

The only reason that I can see for this trade is that Danny Ainge has loved the spotlight being on the Celtics for the past few seasons. He’s looking towards the future, trying to keep the Celtics relevant, all the while hurting our title chances this season, not to mention greatly shaking up one of the best team chemistry’s in the NBA. Note to Danny — 2 or 3 years from now even if you can hang on to Rondo we’ve got no chance anyways. Those will be the years of the Heat, the Knicks, the Bulls — Jeff Green is not going to make an impact against Lebron or Carmelo.

So really, what the hell were you thinking Danny?

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24 responses to “Kendrick Perkins Traded by Celtics — Why?

  1. Got to think another Big is coming. Better be! And he better be able to play defense. Green will help, but we’re sure gonna miss Perk’s toughness, defense and rebounding. No doubt the C’s feared not being able to sign Perk after this season, but a lot of us don’t care about next year. This team was built to win NOW!

  2. j-bone

    Danny wasn’t thinking and I love it. I did hear that he was chatting with Bill Russell about a possible return.

  3. j-bone

    How about David Robinson, he is probably in better shape then Shaq

  4. Dan

    Did you really just use an Alanis Morissette quote? COME ON MAN!

  5. A. Rab Money

    My thought is this trade had more to do with Oklahoma City than Boston. They are the ones who made out in this deal, and gave themselves a much needed down low presence to help compete with the top teams in the west like the Spurs and Lakers. It was wise on their part to offer Green, who as you said is high on Danny Ainge’s radar, to lure them in on making a deal. Boston still has a legitimate title shot this year, but this does set them back a bit if they face Orlando in the East or if they get to the finals against L.A. or San Antonio.

    And don’t sleep on the Knicks, they just signed Jared Jeffries to help out under the hoop. He will eat up KG when they play each other.

    • Any trade has to do with both teams involved. Jared Jeffries? Eating up KG? You serious?

      • A. Rab Money

        What I meant was that I think OK was the team that initiated this and not Boston. Boston agreed to it for the reasons you stated, but I do not believe they were pursuing Green, but OK was pursuing a big man and saw an opportunity with Perkins. Why Boston agreed does not make much sense though. They are top contenders with him and just took a step in the wrong direction for the final stretch and playoffs this year.

        Do you think I’m serious about Jeffries?

      • Agreed they took a step in the wrong direction. I never know what you’re thinking. You’re too shifty.

      • j-bone

        You know what would really stick it to the Lakers, maybe they can get Kareem and Wilt. Those guys are big bodies.

      • Nah we’re cool now that we’ve got Nenad.

  6. j-bone

    You sure, I heard Kyrylo Fesenko might be coming across the waiver wire soon.

  7. Dude I don’t get this one at all, it makes no sense to me form a Celtics perspective. I think OKC wins this trade hands down especially since they shouldn’t experience too much of a scoring let down from losing Jeff Green. Green has been shooting 43% from the field and 30% from beyond the arc this season. I always thought Perkins was the glue to the Celts defence, but I guess they don’t feel he’s important as many thought he was

  8. This is a solid move for the Celtics and those who can’t see that are overly-attached to Kendrick Perkins overrated role with the Celtics. Make no mistake, Kendrick is a solid center, but the only reason he gets the accolades of being a premiere defensive player is because he played next to Garnett for the last 4 years. It’s easy to look good when you’re not the focal point of a defense. Pierce, Rondo, Ray Allen, and Garnett do all the work – Perkins just stood there and waited for the action. He’s no Dwight Howard, he’s Ben Wallace in his prime – he’s just a Bill Cartwright; good, but will be forgotten.

  9. Teck

    My sources say the celts are hoping to sign Troy
    Murphy once he’s released probably next week. If they can did sign a serviceable big man next week after teams waive players, it’s not a bad trade.

  10. j-bone

    I am begging the celtics to sign troy murphy is I am dwight howard, gasol, or bynum.

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