Beer of the Month — Cambridge Amber

Cambridge Brewing Company

The Beer of the Month for February is the Cambridge Brewing Company’s Cambridge Amber. CBC describes the beer as “well balanced, medium-bodied, with a deep amber-red color, this beer’s complex palate covers all the bases. A malty caramel sweetness is followed by notes of chocolate and a dry, slightly roasty finish, complemented by a touch of fruity, spicy hops.” The malty caramel sweetness bit fits the bill in my eyes. At 4.7% ABV this beer isn’t particularly strong, but certainly is not lacking for flavor. It could be a bit tough to find this brew outside of the Boston area, but if you get a chance to try it jump on it. Better yet, check out the brewery — it’s in Kendall Square in, well, Cambridge.

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5 responses to “Beer of the Month — Cambridge Amber

  1. j-bone

    Have you seen it in a bottle outside of the brewery?

  2. A. Rab Money

    Not very. I like to think I have a well travelled beer palate and have never heard of or seen this brewery before. Then again I have never done much beer tasting in the Boston area either so maybe Im not as travelled as previously stated. I do live in New England though and never seen it in my area. Mail me a sample.

  3. A. Rab Money

    I’ll look for out for the keg, thanks.

    On another beer note I visited the Captain Lawrence brewery this past weekend in Pleasantville NY. They have free tastings every Thursday through Saturday for a few hours and open up the brewery to check out, which is cool. Had some of their popular beers and seasonals on tap, very fresh and delicious. Also was able to purchase a few bottles of beer that are not released in stores and should be good, one of which is a belgiun tripel style that is aged is apple brandy barrels.

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