Celtics Sneak Past the Jazz 107-102

Nick Green

A Celtics victory over the Jazz is nothing to write home about — Boston typically yawns its way through any game not against the likes of the Lakers or the Heat. That said, I watched all of last night’s Celtics game in an effort to get my first glimpse of this new look Celtics squad. It was a hell of a game, with a few notable happenings worth sharing.

1) Ray Allen scored 20 of his 25 points in the last 7 minutes of the game, including 3-3 shooting on ridiculously off-balance 3-point attempts in the fourth quarter. He iced the Jazz and ultimately won the Celtics the game.

2) Newcomer Nenad Krstic had 11 points and 8 boards, while new arrival Jeff Green made an unbelievable block with the game on the line. A solid start for the new guys.

3) Kevin Garnett, who has been receiving quite a bit of flack on this blog for his dirty play of late, was up to his tricks once again — except this time they all worked out perfectly. This included a scuffle with Al Jefferson at the far end of the court, leading to a frustrated Jefferson charging Garnett in a desperate effort to score on the ensuing possession. Garnett forced Jefferson into traveling, getting the ball back for the Celtics at a key moment. Even better yet was when Garnett decided he had to stall the game and fix the padding around the edge of the backboard in an effort to give a winded Paul Pierce an additional moment to catch his breath before shooting a free throw. The look Garnett received from the ref was priceless, but Pierce made the shot.

4) The Jazz’s Derrick Favors, the 3rd overall pick in the 2010 draft class, is a beast. I’d look for him to be a good player for a long time to come.

The Celts have a really easy stretch of games coming up, starting with the Suns of Wednesday night.

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17 responses to “Celtics Sneak Past the Jazz 107-102

  1. j-bone

    How do you feel about cheering for the Bad Boy Pistons part 2?

    • I have absolutely no problem with that. I like it in fact. All you New York boys have gone soft with your coddling and mansions.

      • j-bone

        Are you nervous at all that at the trade deadline the Knicks got better, the Bulls are getting healthy, and the Heat may be getting Bibby and Troy Murphy?

      • I’m nervous about the Bulls and the Heat, sure, but not the Knicks. I definitely think the Celtics got worse with the trade. Troy Murphy might be coming to the Celts, we’ll see. I definitely expect Bibby to land with the Heat though, which will make them nasty.

  2. j-bone

    “Sources”-whatever that means, are saying both are going to the Heat. Bibby is going to be huge for them.

    Which team would you least like to see in the first round the Knicks, 76ers, or Pacers?

    • Bibby is huge, and gives them a 1-4 arguably better than the Celtics, for the first time. And don’t ask dumb questions — I’d least like to see the Knicks, but that’s not saying much. You’re comparing them to the Sixers and the Pacers. But they are 3 games over .500.

      • j-bone

        I don’t think you can really argue that Bibby, Wade, James, Bosh is worse then Rondo, Pierce, Allen, Garnett talent wise. Playoff experience and your favorite intangible factor clutchness may have them win a playoff series but the Heat are a better 1-4.

        Facing the Knicks in round one is going to be scary for one of the top three teams.

      • j-bone

        Murphy to the Celtics, heard it here first. Just another body that Bynum, Howard, or Gasol can abuse.

      • Yet a moment ago you were touting him going to the Heat as a difference maker. I’ve seen fewer flip flops at the beach.

      • j-bone

        Well seeing that you are all about team make up and intangible bull crap I thought it would make sense to you. For the Heat to spread the floor it would have been a good addition. The Heat have 6 legit centers.power forwards who can play defense and rebound. The Celtics have maybe 4 real centers/power forward. Adding a 3 point shooting center does not help in replacing a tough defensive minded center ala Perkins.

      • Agreed. I am not for this move either, although I am happy we’ve at least added some big bodies. That said, I think increasingly that the value in this trade was getting a player in Green that can take the burden off of Pierce/Ray when it comes to guarding the Lebrons and Melos of the world. That could help keep them a little more fresh for the offensive end of the floor where they do their best damage.

      • j-bone

        I see the logic behind it, but have two things.

        1. If the Celtics are not worried about the Knicks, why do they need a Melo Stopper?

        2. If the Celtics played football that would make sense, but unfortunatly if Jeff Green does his job and stops Bron/Melo, the Celtics have to keep him in the game. Leaving Paul or Ray on the bench.

        What would you say is the Celtics “crunch time'” line up for the playoffs?

      • 1) When I say a Melo/Lebron stopper, I mean a stopper for the other teams best player that is a small forward type. Green can give Pierce some relief in guarding those players. That doesn’t mean the Celtics are afraid of the Knicks, at all.

        2) Green will be needed to give Paul and Ray some bench time, and can cover the big players when the Celtics are going up against a smaller lineup.

        It totally depends on the personnel on the floor for the other team. My starters would be Rondo, Ray, Paul, KG and Shaq.

      • j-bone

        To me it seems that the Celtics are really going to struggle against size, as seen by Al Jefferson’s 28 and 19 last night. The Heat, Lakers, and Magic are big. The Bulls and Spurs are also fairly big. With a team that is made up of NBA senior citizens they closed their open window a large amount. It is not closed but it is much smaller then it was one week ago.

      • I’m agreeing with you on this one bud. I think that Bibby to the Heat will be the biggest threat to the Celtic’s chances.

      • j-bone

        Alert the media. The playoff should be entertaining no matter what.

  3. Teck

    To quote another writer who i sometimes read and listen to when im not on howigit, the celts couldnt play perk at the end of games anyways. Green may not play the crunch time minutes with pierce and allen being the go to guys at the end of the game, but he will guard the melos and lebrons during the game nad will greatly help to keep allen and pierce fresh for crunch time. while losing perk is a loss, i still think they will be okay, also green has played most of his career at the 4 spot so when the celts go small he’ll be fine playing at the 4 as well.

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