Tiki Barber — What Are You Up To?

Tiki Barber retirement

By Jimmy Cunningham, howiGit New York Writer, Manhattan, NY

This week Tiki Barber filed papers to reinstate himself into the NFL and announced that he was going to attempt to make a comeback. My question is; what is Tiki up to? Tiki has not played football since 2006 and if he comes back he will be the oldest running back in the league. Tiki says he has seen his twin brother, Ronde, still having fun out there and when he recently began working out again he saw that he still had some strength. To me something smells funny. I’ve narrowed it down to three possibilities:

1. Tiki loves attention more than “The Situation”– Tiki likes to hear himself talk and likes to be in front of the camera. He likes being the center of attention and maybe he saw the spotlight fading and decided he had to do something to keep his name in the news. His contract was not renewed by NBC and he has been working for Yahoo video. I am sure there will be some sort of reality show following Tiki around as he attempts to get back into the NFL.

2. Tiki needs money– Yahoo is probably not paying Tiki as much as NBC was and Tiki is going through a divorce after leaving his pregnant wife (a la the always classy Tom Brady). Between losing a network TV contract and probably paying a good chunk to his scorned wife, maybe he simply needs a pay check.

3. Tiki knows something we don’t– It is possible that Tiki knows something about the on going labor negotiations that we do not. Maybe something will work out favorably for veteran players in the new deal. Maybe the decertification of the union can work favorably for Tiki. Maybe Tiki just wants to be involved because he pokes his shiny head in everything.

What I do know is that Tiki will not be back with the Giants, which I am happy for. I appreciate everything Tiki did for the Giants and he is an all-time Giant great. But he burned that bridge. Does Tiki have anything left in the tank? Who knows, but I am happy to let the Bucs, Steelers, Redskins, or Saints figure that one out.

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5 responses to “Tiki Barber — What Are You Up To?

  1. I’d just assume not be talking about Barber, but this is what we do right? Barber’s going after the attention and for the money, which just annoys me (mostly because he’s attempting to pump up his name through the media or maybe I’m annoyed at the media for pumping this up).

    Obviously his retirement career hasn’t worked like he thought. I understand the guy’s short on money, needs some quick cash and thinks getting back into the NFL is the answer. I really don’t hold this against him. However, Barber should have said one of two things. One, I’m coming back because it is the only thing I’m good at and I need the money (pathetic, but honest). Two, I’m coming back because I think I still have something left in the tank and really regret leaving the game before winning a Super Bowl title (hence, I’m coming back to because I want a ring with lots of bling). The latter would have been a lie, everyone would have known it, but the ESPN headline story would have been such and the topic would shortly disappear.

    It will be interesting to see if Barber is signed and where. But remember that even if Barber takes less money to actually play for Super Bowl winning team, he could always sell his ring and recoup that extra money he lost.

    On a serious note, does anybody know if Barber playing one or two more years changes the amount of money he receives in retirement benefits?

    • Kevin Youkillis

      he is coming to philly for the erin express
      remember when i burned an autograph i got from tiki when we were at st joes? im not 100% i did, but i know i destroyed it.

    • j-bone

      My thoughts are that there is a possiblity of better health care benefits in the new labor agreement, they should give to all former players but maybe it will be only for current players?

  2. A. Rab Money

    He is definitely going broke and needs the cash, and I agree that some network, cough VH1, will pick up a show to follow him around to get ready to play again (also paying him much needed cash). The point you made about the labor negotiations is an interesting one. This never crossed my mind as to why he would return but certainly makes sense. It also could then be an indicator that, if he does know something we don’t, an agreement will be reached in time to salvage next season. As long as hes not wearing a Giants jersey I will be intrigued to see what kind of impact he could make on another team.

    By the way did you hear Antonio Pierce’s comments on him on ESPN. I love how he stuck up for his former team and coach all while ripping apart Barber and the cancer he was in their locker room.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uX_wi3Q33fQ

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