The howiGit Story

First off, it’s pronounced how I “Gee” it. Don’t ask why, just accept it. You’ll learn to love it.

Sports, entertainment, travel, beer, humor — what more could you want in a blog? howiGit’s blog will cover them all. First and foremost, this is a Boston sports blog. It always has been and it always will be. That said, part of being a Boston sports fan his hating on New York, hating on the Lakers, and giggling when Philly sports fans pretend that their teams are legit. With this fact in mind, we’ve brought on writers from these cities — at the very least, for the sake of argument. If you’d like to submit content to us or be considered for a guest post or link exchange, please e-mail me directly at People are reading this blog, and I hope that you do too — check it out right after

Please comment, quarrel, or attempt to prove me wrong — I will get back at you, so get at me.


howiGit - A Boston Sports Blog

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