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Lunch is on Randy Moss — Honus Wagner! — Weekend Notes

In one of the coolest things I’ve heard in a long time, someone is finally firing back at Randy Moss. Moss recently ripped Tinucci’s, a restaurant caterer feeding the players in the Minnesota Viking’s locker room, saying that he wouldn’t feed their food to his dog. Tinucci’s shot back today, announcing that they will be giving free meals to the first 50 Vikings fans who come in and donate their Randy Moss jerseys. In addition to this, they will be offering a $8.40 buffet, a play on Randy’s #84 jersey. All of the jerseys will be donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Nashville, Tennesee — Moss’ new home since being traded by New England and waived by Minnesota. Tinnuci’s is now receiving national media attention, and likely loads of customers. Sounds like good business to me.

Honus Wagner T206

In other news, a group of nuns in Baltimore recently sold a Honus Wagner T206 baseball card at auction for $262,000. The group is giving the money to ministries of their order throughout the globe. This is easily the most prized baseball card in the world, and one of the most prized collectibles of all time. ESPN cites that only 60 or so cards are known of, but I’ve heard that number quoted in the 42-43 range. The coolest part? I’ve seen one before — I know a guy who owns one of these cards and literally has it sitting in a display case with zero security of any sort in his living room. Pretty awesome stuff.

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Texas Rangers! — Weekend Notes

This weekend, I want everybody to sit back and reflect. The Texas Rangers are the Champions of the American League. Congratulations to them, I hope they win the World Series — they’ve made me a fan.

Oh, and A-Rod played well — 3 hits in 25 plate appearances, no home runs, 2 RBI’s, and some garbage defense. If I still had my receipt I’d return him.


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Watch Your Baseball — Weekend Notes!

Yankees Phillies ALCS NLCS

The NLCS and ALCS start this weekend, meaning baseball starts this weekend. Get out there and watch it. Who are your picks? I’m going out on a limb with a Yankees-Phillies World Series prediction — the exact same prediction I made in April.

Also, check out this article — sent to me graciously by Kevin Youkilis. In a nutshell? Derek Jeter and A-Rod make more than the entire Texas Rangers team combined. And the Yankees spent $151 million more this season than the Rangers did. And people dare to call them a well run organization….. Give me a break.

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Best Rap Songs Ever Submissions — Weekend Notes

Best Rap Songs Ever

This weekend, howiGit’s blog is asking for your submissions for the best rap songs ever. We are in the process of compiling a list, which will be released next week. Feel free to submit as many or as few as you like, in order or not in order. Whatever you got, we want your input!

Happy Columbus day.

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A Big Weekend for Boston Sports — Weekend Notes


Staring out my window at work, the Boston sky line is dark as rain and wind pelt an American flag atop a building across Fort Point Channel. It’s past 5:00 o’clock, meaning summer hours are over. Soon I’ll have to hustle home, wrestling morons on the subway, only to find a dinner of baked beans and hot dogs. Then I’ll have to drink and “be fun.” Life’s a drag. At least we’ve got a great weekend of sports ahead.

The RED SOX and yankees are squaring off tonight, the beginning of a three game series that will ultimately decide if the Rays or yankees win the AL East crown.  Daisuke Matsuzaka against Andy Pettite tonight. I’m going to try to go to Sunday’s final game of the season — rumor has it Mike Lowell is going to be honored by the SOX. Then we’ve got the Ryder Cup going on, and the singles matches on Sunday are must-see TV if it’s at all close. Finally, the Patriots are taking on the Dolphins on Monday Night Football — a game that will certainly tell us a lot about the Patriots.

My predictions? I have a sneaking suspicion that the yanks are going to wipe the SOX out, but I’m going to predict that the SOX take 2 out of 3 from the yanks on pride alone. If the Rays can handle the Royals at all, that should be enough to keep the crown out of New York. The Pats will lose to Miami in a good game, and the US will get crushed in the Ryder Cup by the Europeans.

I told you things were looking bleak. Or maybe winter is just fast approaching.

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Red Sox 2010 Playoffs Are Now — Weekend Notes

The Red Sox aren’t going to win anything this year, but they can at least still screw over the Yankees with a couple of wins this weekend as well as in the last series of the season. They did a great job last night, beating the Yankees 10-8 despite 2 home runs a piece from Mark Texiera and A-Rod (who passed fellow cheat Sammy Sosa on the all-time HR list). The win catapulted the Rays past the Yankees into first place in the AL East. The Sox have Jon Lester on the mound today at 4:10pm, so I like their chances.
In other news, the Pats should roll the Bills on Sunday. Could be a good weekend for New England sports.

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Bold AL East Predictions and Tom Brady Gets Signed

Tom Brady

First and foremost, I will now have a new category of blog posts — weekend notes — of which this is the first installment. These will simply be a few opinions or tidbits of knowledge for you to mull over while you don’t read my blog — come on, it’s the weekend.

We gotta start with the big news: The New England Patriots have officially locked down quarterback Tom Brady for the next four years. Absolutely huge, and I can assure you New England is rejoicing. Having the best player at the most important position on the field for the rest of his prime years couldn’t be better. I expect Brady to play longer than four more years, but I would think his drive and ability will begin to diminish after that. After all, what more does this guy have to prove? Kudos to both Brady and the Patriots for being patient, not throwing a hissy fit, and getting this deal right. Four years at $72 million is exactly what this guy should be getting, with $48.5 million gauranteed. I like it on all accounts. Now lets see what they can do with Randy Moss.

Additionally, I’m throwing a bold prediction on the table. The Tampa Bay Rays will win the AL East this year. I have my reasons for thinking this, which I will not reveal — I’ll look much more intelligent if it “miraculously” happens. It would be extra sweet if the Red Sox had something to do with it the last series of the season against New York.

Finally, I’m not one to pray, vigil, or the such — but thinking of those who 9/11 affected today.

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