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Patriots, Yankees, or Phillies — You Make the Odds

Tim Lincecum 2010 NLCS

We’re keeping it simple today, with the first “You Make the Odds” post in quite a while. What’s more likely to happen — the Patriots beating the Ravens on Sunday, the Yankees losing the ALCS to the Rangers, or the Phillies losing the NLCS to the Giants? I’m going to say the Patriots have a 20% chance of winning — Baltimore’s defense should have no problem getting to Tom Brady, and their running attack will eat the Patriots alive. The Yankees have a 30% chance of losing — they need to close this one out early so they don’t have to face Cliff Lee twice or when he’s well rested. The Phillies have a 25% chance of losing — just because the Giants have some pitching and well, they are the Phillies.  In other words, I guess these are all pretty heavily favored contests, although I give the Yankees the best chance of losing — though not by much.

What do you think? Back your suggestions up.

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Bengals Versus Red Sox….You Make the Odds

Chad Ocho Cinco, Terrell Owens

Here we go, you’re making the odds…….

What are the odds that the Boston Red Sox make the playoffs this season, versus the newly retooled Bengals making the AFC championship game? The Red Sox are finally beginning to get some of their injured players back, although they are still missing two crucial pieces in Jacoby Ellsbury and Dustin Pedroia. They are currently 4.5 games behind the wild card leading Tampa Bay Rays. The Bengals now have Carson Palmer throwing the ball to either Ocho Cinco or Terrell Owens — if he’s not handing it off to Cedric Benson. How do you defend against that?

I’d say the odds of the Sox making the playoffs are 45% — I expect them to get key players back soon and make a significant push. They still have the best pitching in baseball, have not been known to quit on seasons, and I think they have plenty of time still. Everyone in Boston seems to be writing them off, but come on people, they still have more than two full months. That’s plenty of time to make up 4.5 games. Best of all, they are ending the season playing the Yankees (who will be in the playoffs for sure). You know that if the Sox are in a do or die situation, that series will have amazing electricity.

As for the Bengals, I have no idea how you defend against them. But honestly, I don’t know a whole lot about their defense. I give them a 33% chance of making the AFC title game.

Advantage, Red Sox.


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NBA Finals Predictions?

I got the Celtics in 7. Who you got?

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You Make the Odds….

Here’s the scenario. You are suddenly transported to ancient Rome, where you find yourself jailed in a iron-barred cell beneath the Coliseum. You can hear the roars of bloodthirsty Romans all around you in the stadium above. You are going to die, unless……

You can beat Serena Williams, mano-a-womano, in a fight to the death, cage-match style. The loser’s corpse is fed to a pack of hungry lions as the drunken Romans cheer in the stands. She doesn’t get to use her tennis racket and neither do you. Can you take her?

PS. She’s listed as 5’9, 150 pounds. Bullshit I say.

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You Make the Odds….

This is the first of a new category of posts on this blog — we’re calling it You Make the Odds. I’m looking for responses here people — first and foremost, which one of the three occurences is, well, most likely to occur. Then throw some percentages at me and back them up if you like. Here are this post’s contenders:

1) Colt McCoy is an NFL starter in two years and goes on to have an illustrious NFL career. We’re talking not legend status, but probably making a Pro Bowl or two and winning a Super Bowl.

2) The Celtics win their 18th NBA championship this season.

3) The Red Sox make the playoffs this year.

Which one is most likely to occur? I’ll take the Red Sox making the playoffs, but not by much. I give Colt a 35% chance of being a NFL stud, the Red Sox a 50% chance of making the playoffs, and the Celtics a 10% chance of winning the championship. I think that the Rays are far better than I anticipated, and the Red Sox lack of offense is hurting them in the AL East even more than I thought it would. I think it will still be them or the Rays who snag the Wild Card, although it will be a toss-up. The Celtics are just to damn old now — KG in particular isn’t the player he used to be. But I think Colt should feel disrespected by being selected 85th in the NFL draft. He is the winningest college quarterback ever and put up some ridiculous passing numbers. Yeah, he’s a bit small and weak but come on — his name is Colt McCoy.


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