Our Writers

Geoff Roberts Geoff Roberts, howiGit Founder & Managing Editor, Boston, MA

Geoff is a graduate of Saint Joseph’s University (Writing) and the University of New Hampshire (MBA).  His  writing has been published in howiGit’s blog, BostInnovation, Dirty Water News, Neighborhood News,  and  a variety of other publications.  He works in Boston as a marketing and PR professional and is golf,  travel,  and food obsessed. He lamely refers to himself in the third person as howiGit, but hey, at least that’s not as  weak as “The Prez.” He can be  reached  at geoffroberts4@gmail.com.

Jimmy Cunningham Jimmy Cunningham, howiGit New York Writer, Manhattan, NY

Jimmy is a graduate of Saint Joseph’s University where he majored in marketing. He primarily writes on New  York teams, in particular the Yankees, Giants, and Knicks. He is a Giants season ticket holder and can be  seen  winning the 9 beer/9 Hot Dog challenge in the Yankee Stadium bleachers. He is often seen as the J-Bone  commentator, were he regularly shames the howiGit with his witty arguments and critiques. He is never wrong.  He often is so right that his comments are deleted.

Alan Weeks Alan Weeks, howiGit Music Writer, Boston, MA

Alan is a graduate of the University of Vermont where he majored in political science. He is a currently a law  student at Suffolk University. He primarily writes on music but also covers politics from time to time. He  hates John Mellencamp, onions, and boardgames.

Buster Paris Buster Paris, howiGit Boxing Writer, Boston, MA

Buster is a graduate of Framingham State College where he majored in philosophy. He works as a marketing communications professional and has been a writer for TalkingBoxing.com and FightBeat.com. He currently writes for Bleacher Report as well as howiGit’s Blog . He has been quoted in ‘Strip LV Magazine’‘BQE Magazine’ and on Showtime Boxing’s website. Paris has been a repeat guest on Baltimore’s WNST Sports Talk Radio 1570am, and has been occasionally quoted on Boston’s Eagan & Braude Radio Show 96.9fm.

Matt Moore howiGit Matt Moore, howiGit Contributing Writer, Boston, MA

Matt is a graduate of Merrimack College where he majored in English.  He primarily writes on the Celtics, Red Sox,  and Bruins. He enjoys good conversation, good people, and a good beer.

Thalia Bardell howiGit's Blog Thalia Bardell, howiGit Contributing Writer, Boston, MA

Thalia is a senior Writing, Literature, and Publishing major at Emerson College in Boston. Raised in Rhode  Island, she loves New England Sports. A Red Sox fan to the core, the has a Jonathan Papelbon Fathead above her  bed.

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