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The Greatest Golf Picture Ever

The Best Golf Photo Ever

I think so. This happened in the Ryder Cup when Tiger flat out flubbed a shot into a reporter’s camera. This one will become very famous.

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The Red Sox Handle Their Business, The US Ryder Cup Team Does Not

Rays win AL East

The Boston Red Sox handled their business this weekend, winning some pride points by taking 2 out of 3 games from the New York Yankees thus denying them the AL East Crown. After losing 6-5 in a 10 inning game on Friday night, the Sox won another 10 inning game 7-6 before beating the Yankees 8-4 in the final game of the season. In the final game Jed Lowrie went 2-3 with 2 home  runs, John Lackey pitched 7+ innings allowing 2 earned runs, and David Ortiz went 3-3 to bring his average up to .270 — quite a feat considering his horrific start to this season. The Rays should send the Red Sox a fruitcake, thanking them for their efforts. It’s good to see them win, considering the team will be dismantled after this season. While I’m happy the Sox helped ensure the division stayed out of the Yankees hands, I’d be pleased if I were a Yankees fan. The Yankees will now face the Minnesota Twins in the first round of the playoffs, a match-up I consider much easier than the Texas Rangers who will now play the Rays.  howiGit’s prediction — spot on.

As for the national league,…..well who cares it’s the national league.

In other news, the US Ryder Cup team stormed back today after going down 9.5-6.5 to the European team. The matches were eventually knotted at 13.5-13.5 with one match left on the course. American Hunter Mahan then proceeded to out-choke Graeme McDowell, and Europe won the Cup. I predicted a European victory, although I predicted a big win, so my prediction was only half right.

Pats-Dolphins tonight, I can’t wait.

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A Big Weekend for Boston Sports — Weekend Notes


Staring out my window at work, the Boston sky line is dark as rain and wind pelt an American flag atop a building across Fort Point Channel. It’s past 5:00 o’clock, meaning summer hours are over. Soon I’ll have to hustle home, wrestling morons on the subway, only to find a dinner of baked beans and hot dogs. Then I’ll have to drink and “be fun.” Life’s a drag. At least we’ve got a great weekend of sports ahead.

The RED SOX and yankees are squaring off tonight, the beginning of a three game series that will ultimately decide if the Rays or yankees win the AL East crown.  Daisuke Matsuzaka against Andy Pettite tonight. I’m going to try to go to Sunday’s final game of the season — rumor has it Mike Lowell is going to be honored by the SOX. Then we’ve got the Ryder Cup going on, and the singles matches on Sunday are must-see TV if it’s at all close. Finally, the Patriots are taking on the Dolphins on Monday Night Football — a game that will certainly tell us a lot about the Patriots.

My predictions? I have a sneaking suspicion that the yanks are going to wipe the SOX out, but I’m going to predict that the SOX take 2 out of 3 from the yanks on pride alone. If the Rays can handle the Royals at all, that should be enough to keep the crown out of New York. The Pats will lose to Miami in a good game, and the US will get crushed in the Ryder Cup by the Europeans.

I told you things were looking bleak. Or maybe winter is just fast approaching.

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2010 Ryder Cup Starts Today

2010 Ryder Cup

The 2010 Ryder Cup begins today at the Celtic Manor Resort in Wales. If you don’t know much about the Ryder Cup, it is golf’s biggest team format event, pitting the best players from Europe against the best players from the States. The bi-annual tournament was won by the American’s in 2008, although the US hasn’t won on European soil in 17 years.

While the European team may have several players that aren’t exactly household names — Martin Kaymer, Graeme McDowell, and Ross Fisher, just to name a few — this is by far one of the strongest European teams in recent years. I hate to be unpatriotic, but my prediction is that the US will get crushed. Sure, Tiger isn’t playing his best, but I bet you he plays well. He won’t be the problem.

The format of the event is a bit screwy — today and tomorrow you will see best ball and alternate shot formats, followed up by head to head singles matches on Sunday. This is far and away golf’s most pressure packed event, and one of the most intense events in all of sport. If the matches get close, I’d definitely recommend tuning in on Sunday.

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Monty Leaves Paul Casey and Justin Rose off Ryder Cup Squad

Paul Casey

European Ryder Cup captain Colin Montgomerie has selected his three captain’s picks for the European team — a controversial decision where Monty had to select 3 players with at least 5 very good options. Ultimately Montgomerie selected Italy’s Edoardo Molinari (#15 in the world), Ireland’s Padraig Harrington (#19), and England’s Luke Donald (#11). Just as big of a story is the two players left off of the team — England’s Paul Casey (#8) and Justin Rose (#23).

Each of these players is certainly worthy of being on the team, and following is the case for each player:

Eduardo Molinari — Won on the European tour last week when he birdied the final 3 holes. His brother Francesco is also on the team, and Monty can pair them together during the Ryder Cup.

Padraig Harrington — Recent winner of two majors, although a 7-11-3 Ryder Cup record.

Luke Donald — He’s consistent, #11 in the world, and is 5-1-1 in the Ryder Cup.

Paul Casey — Europe’s best overall player, he’s been on the last three Ryder Cup teams.

Justin Rose — Has 2 wins on the PGA tour this season.

If it were up to me, I would have picked Padraig, Casey, and Donald. While I think Monty is thinking outside of the box in picking Molinari so that he can play with his brother (I bet they kill it), I think that he is easily the least qualified. While Rose is having arguably the best season of any of these players, he ultimately is the most streaky and hasn’t proven himself as well under pressure. I think Padraig is a lock, based off his tough as nails performances in majors and Donald has earned a spot on the team given his past Ryder Cup performances. I just can’t see Paul Casey not making this team. He’s #8 in the world, has a reputation for winning big match play tournaments (which makes him hugely beneficial in the Ryder Cup), and brings some of the cockiness the European team could use.

Now we just need to wait and see who Corey Pavin, the US captain, selects for his squad. Based on his performance this week, Tiger should get one of the nods.

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Shhhhh…..Tiger Woods is Leading a Golf Tournament

Tiger Woods

Don’t talk too loudly now, but as of this morning Tiger Woods is leading a golf tournament on the PGA Tour — The Barclays tournament. He is 3-under par through 14 holes and one shot up on the field. This took him exactly 2 days after his divorce was finalized — Tigers must move on, quickly.

I wouldn’t worry though — he’ll blow it.

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Tiger Woods Lips Out on Marriage, Divorces Elin Nordegren

Tiger Woods Elin Nordegren

Yesterday was a long day in coming, nearly 8-months since Tiger Woods crashed his car after his wife likely chased him out of the house with a golf club. At long last, Tiger and his wife Elin Nordegren have divorced.

When news of Woods’ infidelity first emerged, I was very skeptical that a divorce would ever happen. But when the rampant details of Woods’ double life began to emerge and was subsequently smeared by the media throughout the globe, a divorce soon became inevitable. So what does this divorce mean? What is its relevance? As someone who has long been a Tiger fan, and continues to be despite his affairs, here’s how I see it.

1) The first major question everyone has is what was the divorce settlement? Was there a pre-nup? How much is Elin getting? These questions are pretty foolish, and frankly, who cares? If there was not a pre-nup and Tiger was acting the way that he did, then he deserves to lose however many hundreds of millions of dollars. The man is a billionaire, so both parties will be more than comfortable, needless to say.

2) While Tiger has been villianized by many, both he and Elin are intelligent enough people to know that ultimately it’s all about the kids. Few athletes in the history of sport have talked more frequently, lovingly, and openly about their relationships with their parents as Woods has. Whether it’s speaking of his mother’s Buddhist influences of his “pop’s” regimented approach to developing Tiger’s mental game, Woods has continually credited his parents and the influences they have had on him. He wants to be the same sort of father for his children, which unfortunately for him, he already screwed up. But I can guarantee that the public will see him taking care of and spending time with his children. They are young enough that they will be fine.

3) So what does this mean for Tiger’s golf game? Everything. This season was a complete wash for Woods, as he was rehabing his personal life in an attempt to save his marriage rather than his golf game. Tiger will now have plenty of time to focus on his game, rededicate himself to practicing, and ultimately return to the winner’s circle. When will this happen? Let’s just say that Tiger will win multiple tournaments next year and will go on to break Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 major championships. From here on out Tiger will be either spending time with his kids or working on his golf game. That’s about it.

So with those questions answered, here is the question nobody is asking yet — When will Tiger start dating again? Who will the lucky lady be? Jennifer Aniston? Lady Gaga? I bet it doesn’t happen anytime soon — but what happens in Vegas,……

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