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Phillies, Giants, Yankees, Rangers — World Series Match-ups

2010 World Series

This major league baseball postseason has been bizarre, to say the least. The heavily favored Yankees and Phillies both found themselves down in the League Championship series 3-1, to teams that nobody gave a good shot. The Yankees have since brought it back to 3-2, and the Phillies have an awesome Lincecum versus Halladay game tonight. Can the Yanks and Phils pull off a big comeback? We’ll see. But for the sake of conversation, here are my favorites on all possible World Series matchups.

Yankees vs. Phillies — Yankees in 7 games

Yankees vs. Giants — Yankees in 5 games

Rangers vs. Phillies — Phillies in 7 games

Rangers vs. Giants — Rangers in 6 games

Thoughts? Arguments?

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Watch Your Baseball — Weekend Notes!

Yankees Phillies ALCS NLCS

The NLCS and ALCS start this weekend, meaning baseball starts this weekend. Get out there and watch it. Who are your picks? I’m going out on a limb with a Yankees-Phillies World Series prediction — the exact same prediction I made in April.

Also, check out this article — sent to me graciously by Kevin Youkilis. In a nutshell? Derek Jeter and A-Rod make more than the entire Texas Rangers team combined. And the Yankees spent $151 million more this season than the Rangers did. And people dare to call them a well run organization….. Give me a break.

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Appreciating Roy Halladay

roy halladay no hitter

Roy Halladay is one of those guys that has flown under the radar. Partially the result of playing most of his career in Toronto, partially because of his unassuming demeanor. But with the way he’s pitching, now in a bigger market, it’s fair to say those days are over. Halladay put an exclamation mark on his season yesterday, pitching the second no-hitter in postseason history — a 104 pitch gem that would have been Halladay’s second perfect game of the season if not for a fifth inning walk.

Although I only caught this game from the 6th inning on, Halladay’s stuff was electric. This was not a “painting the corners” type no-hitter — Halladay pounded the strike zone all night, consistently throwing all of his pitches for first pitch strikes. Halladay is in all ways a “pitcher’s pitcher,” and the funky motion aside, he’s a blast to watch. He finished this season with a 21-10 record, 250+ innings pitched, a 2.44 ERA, and 9 complete games. I don’t think it would be much of a surprise to see a Cy Young coming his way.

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