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Boston, New York, Philadelphia — Which City is Smartest?

Boston -- the Smartest City

At long last, the proof I’ve been long awaiting showed up at my doorstep. After months of listening to New Yorkers describe Eli Manning as an “Elite” quarterback and Lakers fans argue that Kobe Bryant would beat Michael Jordan one on one, I am now assured that these remarks were nim-witted at best. Enter, the Daily Beast’s list of America’s Smartest Cities. The list takes into account things like bachelor’s degrees, graduate degrees, and adult non-fiction reading levels.

Sitting at the top of the list? howiGit’s home, Boston, Massachusetts. My college town, Philadelphia (shout out to St. Joe’s) came in at #14, with New York finishing #16. Check out the list. It proves that I’m never wrong.

On a side note, how bad are the Dallas Cowboys? Bad enough that they managed to make Eli Manning look good. With the loss of  Tony Romo, I think it’s fair to say they are all done.
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