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The Fighter — What You’ve Heard is What You Get

The Fighter Mark Wahlberg Amy Adams

I’ve developed an uncanny ability to see a movie trailer and immediately know if it’s something I’m interested in seeing. Maybe I just know my own tastes. Regardless, The Fighter was one of those movies that I immediately knew that I wanted to see. It took me far too long to actually get to the theater, but once I did, the movie lived up to everything I’d heard about it: The underlying reviews seemed to be, “An awesome movie, but Christian Bale’s performance is what makes it.” Yup — that’d couldn’t be more spot on.

In the movie Bale plays the older brother of Mark Wahlberg’s character. He’s a washed up, crack-addicted, sometimes-when-he’s- not-high boxing trainer. He looks the part and acts the part so well you wonder if they actually had him smoking crack before shooting each scene. I’ve never particularly liked Bale, but this movie changed my mind. The movie’s leading lady, Amy Adams, is also a great touch. She manages to play a sexy yet tough Lowell broad while adding some humor to the film. All of that said, Mark Wahlberg is the man as usual. I give this movie an “A” — you should definitely check it out if you haven’t already.

That said, I can’t help but notice the number of awesome Boston/Massachusetts based movies to come out in recent years — The Departed, The Town, The Fighter coupled with oldies like Mystic River and Good Will Hunting. While I love all of these movies, the depiction of neighborhoods (namely Southie, Charlestown, Lowell, etc) is pretty funny. Half of the country must picture Boston as an extremely white, blue-collar city where everybody’s cousin sells coke and every broad is sitting on the couch smoking camels just waiting to pop another delinquent child. I live next to Charlestown and I can assure you that this portrayal, while¬†partially true, is¬†only half of the picture. What can I say, I guess America loves blue-collar white people.

Oh yea, so the BCS National Championship game was last night. It was a close one, but still it was boringgggggggg. College football is massively overrated.

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