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Lunch is on Randy Moss — Honus Wagner! — Weekend Notes

In one of the coolest things I’ve heard in a long time, someone is finally firing back at Randy Moss. Moss recently ripped Tinucci’s, a restaurant caterer feeding the players in the Minnesota Viking’s locker room, saying that he wouldn’t feed their food to his dog. Tinucci’s shot back today, announcing that they will be giving free meals to the first 50 Vikings fans who come in and donate their Randy Moss jerseys. In addition to this, they will be offering a $8.40 buffet, a play on Randy’s #84 jersey. All of the jerseys will be donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Nashville, Tennesee — Moss’ new home since being traded by New England and waived by Minnesota. Tinnuci’s is now receiving national media attention, and likely loads of customers. Sounds like good business to me.

Honus Wagner T206

In other news, a group of nuns in Baltimore recently sold a Honus Wagner T206 baseball card at auction for $262,000. The group is giving the money to ministries of their order throughout the globe. This is easily the most prized baseball card in the world, and one of the most prized collectibles of all time. ESPN cites that only 60 or so cards are known of, but I’ve heard that number quoted in the 42-43 range. The coolest part? I’ve seen one before — I know a guy who owns one of these cards and literally has it sitting in a display case with zero security of any sort in his living room. Pretty awesome stuff.

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