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Charlie Sheen Exposed!

Charlie Sheen

I apologize for the National Enquirer-esque headline, but it turns out that we’ve all been deceived. Charlie Sheen isn’t who we thought he is. No, he’s not Charlie Sheen the cocaine and stripper loving party animal bizarre-o we’ve gotten to know so well this past couple of weeks.

He is Carlos Irwin Estevez!

Kills some of the glamour, doesn’t it? Turns out Carlos borrowed Sheen from his father, who adopted it as a screen name long ago. The man has been living a lie ever since. Did you also know that Chuck/Carlos has been a major proponent of the 9/11 Truth Movement, stating in 2006 that the collapse of the twin towers looked awfully like controlled demolition to him? In 2009 he even appealed to Barak Obama, asking him to open up an investigation into the matter.

Only one Carlos. So little time. So much winning still to do.

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