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5 SportsCenter Storylines That Need To Go Away


By Thalia Bardell, howiGit Contributing Writer, Boston, MA

I’ve probably brought this on myself – I should really change the channel, read a book, or download some new music – but instead, I watch a lot of SportsCenter. I watch it at the gym, if my roommate isn’t home for dinner; sometimes I just leave it on for background noise when I’m alone in my apartment. This is a regrettable thing to admit but, I can’t tell you anything about the Obama administration at the moment, but I can tell you what Kobe said after the NBA All-Star game, that Manny Ramirez worked out with a new trainer this off-season, and that the NFL Players Association and the NFL owners have been able to meet for five days in a row now. Make of this what you will. Like I said, I know I should really change the channel, maybe flip over to NBC once in a while, but as of right now I’m stuck on Channel 15 so naturally I have started to hear the same stories over, and over, and over again. howiGit’s blog has a long-standing tradition of lists and I thought, as the new kid, it’s time I threw one down. So here it is: The Five SportsCenter Storylines that I Hope I’ll Never Hear Again But Will Probably Hear Tomorrow. In no order of importance:

1) Duke — The Duke University Blue Devils are back in the top spot of the ESPN/USA Today coaches poll. Big surprise. If SportsCenter wants to get off on Duke that’s fine with me, but I say call me back when you’re in the Big East Conference and we’ll talk. North Carolina and Florida State are competitors, but Boston College? Great at hockey, mediocre at basketball. The 12 – 1 record loses a little of it’s clout when your schedule includes such stellar teams as the Elon Phoenix – the only reason I know that Elon exists is because my best friend goes to school there. You see my point?

2) Mel Kiper Jr. — There is truly no rest for the college football weary. It was straight from the Cam Newton, sorry, BCS National Championship to the NFL Draft. Whose stock is rising? Whose stock is falling? How many different mock drafts can one make?! Maybe I find this uninteresting because I attend a school with no football team, but Mel Kiper Jr. sure isn’t helping the situation. First, his head just freaks me out. Second, all the yelling and pointing – not effective. If I must hear about the draft I prefer to hear it from calm and composed Todd McShay. Seriously, I’m surprised I have yet to have a nightmare involving Mel Kiper Jr.’s disembodied head.

3) Blake Griffin — This is by no means a dig at Griffin’s ability on the court. This guy has more basketball talent in his left pinkie fingernail than I do in my entire body; I think he’s a player with talent and athleticism. But lately Blake has become that song that gets overplayed on the radio. For the first couple of weeks you’re all about it, you blast it in the car with the windows down, but then it starts to get old, then annoying, then you just want to turn it off all together. Blake Griffin has been overplayed by ESPN; he’s the Sex on Fire of sports right now.

4) Anything Involving the Word “Union” — The talks between the NFL Owners and the Players Union is important stuff, I get it. But walking out of meetings? C’mon guys let’s be mature about this. Strikes are supposed to be about fighting real horrendous working conditions; I’m talking mines, railroads, and sweatshops. The head trauma thing is serious and more and more medical research points to the fact that concussions are permanently life altering, but let’s get some perspective and hammer this deal out. What I want is some football in 2011. What I don’t want is to see another tweet, article, or story involving the names Peter King and Roger Goodell.

5) Carmelo Anthony — Finally. Finally. You chose. I don’t care, you’re still that kid who took forever in the lunch line deliberating between chocolate and strawberry milk. Now, instead of the rumors, it’s going to be two weeks worth of content on Carmelo’s version of “the decision.” Bring on the Chris Broussard!

I’m going to go read now. Oh wait, no I’m not. Where’s the remote?

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Carmelo Anthony to the New York Knicks — Easy Does it NYC

Carmelo Anthony New York Knicks

Ok, Ok, Carmelo Anthony is finally going to the New York Knicks. Your prayers have been answered Knicks fans. Your savior is here.

I’d like to start by saying, “good for you.” If I was a Knicks fan, I’d be psyched. Carmelo is a top 5 player in the NBA, and having him join up with Amare Stoudemaire is undeniably a potent combination offensively. This trade was widely cited by critics as the Knicks giving up too much — most of the players responsible for the Knicks’ “resurgence”,  $3 million in cash, and all of your upcoming major draft picks. I agree that the Knicks gave up too much to get Melo, but my thinking is “so what?” This is what the Knicks had to do to get him, and sometimes you’ve got to take a step backwards in order to go forwards. I have no doubt that the Knicks will be able to recruit other scrubs who are pretty good and simply want to play in NYC with Melo and Amare, just as the Heat did with players like Eddie House and Mike Miller. In other words, this was the right move.

Now, I’m going to play devil’s advocate — hear me out on a few major issues in regard to this trade.

1) Chauncey Billups was included in this trade, which is huge — he’s a great veteran player and already has some chemistry with Carmelo. That said, he’s old and he doesn’t want to play in New York. Denver is his home, and he was thrilled to head back there following his time with the Pistons. While Billups isn’t pleased, he’s a player in the twilight of his career. I’d expect him to suck it up, and make the best of this final opportunity for him to win a Finals and play on the big stage. This isn’t a huge concern for me.

2) While this trade is not about this year, I wouldn’t expect much from the Knicks this year. They haven’t had time to play together and have a completely new roster. They’ll have growing pains, a la the Heat. But in the future, two stars is not equal to three. The Celtics have four, the Heat have three. While Melo and Amare are more than enough firepower, this brings injuries into the game in a major way. If Melo or Amare is injured in the upcoming seasons, or simply in the playoffs, this team will not have enough depth to win. Period. That’s something to be seriously concerned about as you fix your eyes on NBA titles.

3) Melo just made himself Lebron #2, at least to some extent, no? I’m sure you New York fans won’t agree. Whether you like it or not, that’s partially because you are bitter that Lebron snubbed you. But let’s face the facts — while Melo did not hold a ridiculous press conference and refer to himself in the third person a la Lebron, his departure was a bit ugly. Like Lebron, he left a larger contract on the table to go elsewhere after several seasons in Denver. Like Lebron, he made some bad comments like saying “I’ll be playing in Denver for the game on Tuesday at least,” during the course of all-star weekend. This move, like Lebron’s, also seems to suggest that he couldn’t get it done on his own. Sure, James joined D-Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. Carmelo is joining the second leading scorer in the NBA in New York, which is something even Lebron can’t say. So this whole thing is a little hypocritical, no? If you’re saying Lebron can never be looked at in the same light because he joined forces with Dwayne Wade, then Carmelo can’t be seen in the same light either because he’s joining forces with Amare. Sorry, NYC, but I’m not sure how you can argue that.

I think those are some very valid points, and some legitimate concerns. That said, it is a big day for Knicks’ fans, I understand that and applaud this move. I’d still take the Celtics or the Heat in a series though, sorry guys.

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Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks? In a New York Minute

Carmelo Anthony Knicks

By Mark McCormick, howiGit Contributing Writer, Boston, MA

I suppose the first step in combatting a problem is admission of guilt. As a devout Boston Celtics fan, I have committed treason. This deceit comes in the form of a secret and well-hidden man crush for the New York Knicks and all of the glitz and glamour that is carried with the franchise; the allure of Madison Square Garden, the countless number of greats that have come from New York City, Coney Island and other basketball epicenters that make New York crucial to the NBA and basketball in general.

The Knicks are a symbol of excellence, regardless of recent performance.They have produced magical moments from such greats as Willis Reed, Elgin Baylor, and Patrick Ewing. Under the guidance of Isiah Thomas, the Knicks became irrelevant due to painfully inept leadership that left everyone scratching their heads. “What the hell are they thinking?” and “How much money did they give Keith Van Horn?” was a common sentiment. Egregious contract signings included Jared Jeffries, Stephon Marbury(now playing in China, damn Steph), Eddy Curry and millions to alcoholic center Vin Baker, who we all hope is still on the wagon. God speed Vin.

Post-Isaiah, the combined genius of Donnie Walsh and Mike D’Antoini have made the Knicks relevant again. The best part is that their mission is just beginning. After a sultry summer that saw a new big three form in South Beach, Melo and Chris Paul added to the intrigue by toasting at Melo’s wedding to play together one day. CP3 appears to be tied to New Orleans, as ownership is reluctant to trade their best player and one of few draws that putts asses in the seats. CP3 may be out, but where does that leave Carmelo? We’ll tackle that later.

GM Walsh should be praised for creating the cap space that almost saw the Knicks acquire Lebron James as well as assembling a solid roster with the signings of Amare Stoudemire, Raymond Felton, and Landry Fields. People fail to remember just how bad of a situation Walsh and D’Antoin inherited. They have done a Houdini-like act by trimming the fat and bringing the excitement back to MSG. The final feather in Walshs’ cap is that he knows the Knicks are poised to make a huge splash in 2011 free agency, having enough cap space to sign one max player. Who will it be?

Welcome home Carmelo! Being a member of the Knicks will be great for Melo as well as the NBA. David Stern needs the booming market that NYC has to offer to prosper as much as possible. Simply stated, it’s good business. The Garden is already sold out every night, good team or Vin Baker’s Knicks missing jumpers. But being featured on nationally televised games, challenging the Celtics and Heat for Eastern Conference supremacy while allowing Madison Square Garden to bask in all of its glory is something that every basketball fan should crave and will only make the league more profitable, competitive and balanced. Carmelo also will enjoy the fruits of this signing, with increased exposure to the multitude of media markets and outlets that New York possesses. Being a figurehead for the one of the best markets and the brand recognition that comes with that automatically increases notoriety. Translation: inordinate amounts of endorsement cash. Overall, great move for the NBA as well as Melo.

After the Nets trade saga, Melo has endured boos from his current home crowd in Denver. It represents the epitome of disrespect for a player that has played seven years with the same team, always playing hard and hitting the big shot. He’s matured from a young man being featured in gangster DVD’s in Baltimore, claiming “snitches end up in ditches” to a businessman who, regardless of the uncertainty of next year’s CBA, knows it’s time to go to the big stage, be the man, and cash in. Lebron couldn’t do that and he will always be remembered as the guy who was anointed to save the Knicks but couldn’t take the chance. Don’t make the same mistake Carmelo. You are too uniquely talented to not play in one of the best stadiums and cities that sports have to offer. Accept your position on the throne, a truly special place that has bared witness to stars such as Broadway Joe, Derek Jeter, and Mark Messier just to name a few. Get in to that New York State of mind and take the Heat to the cleaners. Just not the Celts. Go Green.

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