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Xavier Rudd — What You Aren’t Listening To, But Should Be

Xavier Rudd
By Alan Weeks, howiGit Music Writer, Boston, MA

Do you ever wish you were in the Caribbean while you are freezing and clinging to the space-heater? Have you secretly been infuriated by howiGit’s multiple beach-related postings? What you should be listening to this week is Xavier Rudd. Many of you may know him from his performances on the festival circuit. Rudd is an Australian multi-instrumental musician. He has gained himself a very devoted following for his unique sound, which is best described as a folk-reggae-rock-international hybrid. His use of the didgeridoo and aboriginal instruments and themes is unique and relaxing. Think of an Australian Jack Johnson mixed with blues and roots.

His music is best for hanging around, relaxing, and day-dreaming — when I can’t be on the beach I prefer my Eames lounge chair — perfect background music for the Caribbean soul. If you are trying to get a feel for his music, or to get hooked immediately, you should pick up his album White Moth. If you are looking for a sample of his music to see if you want to indulge further, the single “Come Let Go” will have you entranced in white sand and turquoise waves.

His stomp box and guitar make for the summer tune, even if it is mid-January in New England. Check it out, I think you will be warmed up, and pleasantly surprised.

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