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Yankees “Fans” — Shame on You

Yankees Empty Seats Baseball

Empty seats with the AL East crown on the line?

Shame on you, Yankees “fans.” Let’s start by making one thing clear — this is not a boo-hoo post, I long ago declared the Red Sox done for the year. Although I don’t like it, I’ve come to terms with the reality of the situation. A baseball fan at heart, I was still excited to watch the New York Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays battle it out last night. And battle it out they did — this was a great game until it got blown open at the end and the Rays won 7-2. Sure, there was a long rain delay. But the division is on the line people — act accordingly.

Now I know from experience how much Yankees fans hate to hear from Bostonians how the Red Sox have the best fans in baseball and the Yankees are a bunch of snotty front-runner wannabe fans. Well, you did a pretty good job of backing up Boston fans’ sentiments last night, and even your own players are noticing. “To me, it was a totally different feel,” Yankees slugger Lance Berkman said. “The crowd was gone, the electricity that was there the first two games was gone.” Way to help out your team, New York.

The stadium at the beginning of this game was about 46,000 fans deep — only 90% of the stadium’s capacity to begin with, which is shocking. After the rain delay, about half of that number remained, and watching on TV the last few innings the stands looked bare — despite the game being knotted at 2-1. I understand that there was a rain delay, and it was a Wednesday night, but I thought that New York was the city that never sleeps — this game ended at 12:30am people. Furthermore, I know that Fenway park is tiny and can only handle about 35,000 fans. This excuse doesn’t work either. The New York metropolitan population is 19 million people, whereas the Boston metropolitan are is home to 4.5 million people.

This would never happen in Boston — I can very comfortably say that — not during a heated divisional race when you are playing against the team right on your heals. New Yorkers should be ashamed — don’t try to tell me how great your fans are any longer. What’s your excuse this time? How can you possibly defend this? C.C. Sabathia is going against David Price tonight in a rematch of the pitching gem these two put on this September 13th. I’ll be watching, but will anyone in New York?

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