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Eminem Recovers with Recovery Album

Eminem’s new album, Recovery, was released June 21st — I have now officially given the CD a good listen several times over. The album is good. I bought it, I recommend you do too (although 14.99 on Itunes is a bit steep).

This CD gives you a lot of what you are used to getting from Eminem — a lot of introspection, a lot of talk about his relationship with estranged girlfriend/wife Kim and his daughter Hailey, a lot of talk of pills and booze, and a catchy video of Em standing on the edge of a building. But this CD has a much more positive vibe to it — it’s a coming of age, turning over a new stone, I have a new perspective on life themed CD. Gone is the platinum blond hair and the Slim Shady persona — only the tatted arms are left symbolizing his past.

As far as the tracks go, I give Em huge street cred for calling out his last CD, Relapse, as being sub-par in “Not Afraid.” This song is already becoming an anthem of sorts. He keeps this CD just poppy enough to keep the 15-year-old girls tuned in (as he always has) with tracks like “Spacebound” and lyrics like “If your belly button isn’t an inny then I’m outty.” Lyrical genius right there. Perhaps most symbolic of the entire CD is “Going Through Changes,” a highly introspective, serious track where Em lays his life out on the line. His song with Rihanna is obviously a hit as well, but was that was never in doubt — Betty Crocker couldn’t give you a better recipe for success. But perhaps most suprising of all to me was “No Love” featuring Lil Wayne. I have never thought too highly of Lil Wayne, and frankly Em doesn’t bring a whole lot to this song, but Wayne’s raps are the most legitimate I’ve ever heard out of him.

All in all, the CD has 19 tracks. If had 12, I’d give the album an “A” for sure. There are just a few to many filler tracks on the this LP in my book. The CD does a great job of re-establising Eminem and proving once again that he is the best lyracist in the rap game today. Best of all, he promises not to bail on his fans ever again — we won’t be waiting so long for the next album this time around.


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