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NFL Lockout Looms — Will America Crumble?

NFL Lockout

By Thalia Bardell, howiGit Contributing Writer, Boston, MA

Thursday is fast approaching and at the rate the two sides are moving it looks like an NFL lockout is impending. The likelihood that a deal will get done in the next two days is about as likely as Kendrick Perkins returning to the Celtics (too soon for the Perk jokes?). As a Pittsburgh Steelers fan an extended off-season makes me a little nervous. Extra time for Ben Roethlisberger to act like a total goon? I need that like a hole in my head. However, I have to admit that it has been fascinating watching this drama unfold. The last time that the NFL had a work stoppage was 1987 and I was … not even born yet.

When baseball players went on strike during the 1994 season I was seven years old, not yet a Sox fan, and more concerned with getting the training wheels off of my bike. I feel, oddly, like I’m witnessing a piece of history right now. If the owners and players union can’t come to an agreement then I will be in the midst of events that have the opportunity to change the NFL as I know it. To get a tiny glimpse into the inner workings of a sport that I only see from the glamorous outside of televised games, TV endorsements, and Sports Illustrated covers reminds me that sports are a business like everything else. Sure, guys like Ochocinco, Peyton Manning, and Darrelle Revis make the big money – and honestly I don’t really care how they fare in this decision, but it’s the second stringers, the no names, no covers, and no Campbell’s Chunky Soup commercial, “little” guys that interest me the most. These men are simply out there trying to make a buck doing something they love, just as we are, and they don’thave the same amount of time as most of us to do it in. The average length of an NFL player’s career is about three and a half years (perhaps Brett Favre was not included in that calculation) — that’s approximately 56 games. For these guys, to lose even one paycheck is a pay cut they can’t afford.

For the sake of the back-up benchwarmers I hope that the NFL resumes play on schedule next year. But for my self-interest I almost hope that they don’t. I can’t imagine what September will feel like without football (although it would open up more time to watch the Red Sox), but to witness an exercise of worker rights that I actually care about would be interesting to say the least. I’m curious to see the reaction of the players, the fans, and the media if the lockout extends through the summer and threatens the fall. Maybe it’s my age, but I’m history star-struck and, for me, the lack of football might be more exciting than the football itself.

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Tom Brady — For All You Haters

Tom Brady GQ 25 Coolest Athletes

For Tom Brady, the accolades just keep on coming. And for all of you Brady haters out there who insist that Brady is hated by everyone outside of New England (such a NY thing to say — you think us Boston folks are Boston-centric, yet you’re the ones who refer to NYC as “the city” — talk about obnoxious) here’s proof that you couldn’t be more wrong.

The most recent GQ magazine put together what is honestly an excellent list of The 25 Coolest Athletes of All-Time. You know it! Tom Brady made the list.  I was lucky enough to read the entire article, including a write-up of each athlete on the list. While all of these athletes are pretty damn cool, Brady’s write-up was hysterical. I wanted to include a link to the article, but it’s not available online. The gist of the article was:

Tom brady is too good-looking. Tom Brady is too good at football. That said, he has had a messy swap between an actress and a super model, and he did lose a Super Bowl so he’s not perfect and you can’t hate him. But even when he does mess up, he goes home to a too perfect Brazilian super model who consoles him and gives him massages. He’s too cool, he really is. Just embrace him for being everything you wish you were, and don’t hate.

It’s really is a hysterical article, and it makes a pretty good point. Now I know GQ magazine won’t sell all of you, so you can instead check out this article on ESPN. Brady just won his 2nd AP Offensive Player of the Year award, making him the only quarterback in NFL history to win the award twice. He’s also the only active player to win the award twice. Also, note the statistic showing the highest touchdown to interception ratio in NFL history. Just another statistic where he dominates Peyton Manning, not to mention every other QB in NFL history. You can’t blame Peyton for this one though — interceptions run in the family.

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Bill Simmons, howiGit Applauds You

Tom Brady Peyton Manning

If you are one of the lucky few who has read my Tom Brady versus Peyton Manning comparison, listened to my constant regurgitation of Brady-Manning facts, or if you just generally despise my Tom Brady man-crush (I just got his Uggs limited edition boots!), you’ve got to read Bill Simmons’ latest article comparing these two quarterbacks. Grab a beer first — this sucker is long — but it’s worth every word.

Special kudos to Billy boy for bringing a Biggie-Tupac parallel to this article — what can I say, I like your style. I don’t like linking to other writers’ articles, because frankly other writers suck. But Bill Simmons has some good taste when it comes to teams he roots for. And with this article, I must say, well done Bill.

Check it out.

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A Gem, Courtesy of Sportscenter

I caught last night’s Sportscenter following the Eagles loss to the Vikings. Andy Reid snapped at the media in his press conference, which was awesome. They later showed an empty podium, waiting for Michael Vick to come out and address the press. Said Sportcenter anchor Steve Levy, “I wonder is Vick will show up to an empty room like Eli Manning did last week. Of course he won’t. People will actually stick around to listen to Michael Vick speak.”

Ahhhh Steve. You make things so easy for me…


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NFC West — You’re Not the Best

NFC West -- Sam Bradford

Let’s start with the numbers — the current standings in the NFC West:

St. Louis                         7-8

Seattle                             6-9

San Francisco              5-10

Arizona                          5-10

Now I understand that winners get all the headlines and nobody cares to celebrate futility. I can assure you that my intent is not hit anybody while they’re down (unless it’s the Giants). But I feel like the mess that is the NFC West has been overlooked this year. Rookie quarterback Sam Bradford looks poised the lead his St. Louis Rams into the playoffs with a losing record, and the rest of the division is a whole lot worse.

So how bad is it?

Look, we all know that the NFC is the National League equivalent of the NFL. But this division in particular is collectively boasting a 23-37 record on the season. The second worst division? The AFC South at 28-32. Four games below .500 is a lot different from 14 games below. Even more telling is the collective point differential versus opponents — the NFC West is -322 points in this category.  Second worst in the league is again the AFC South, at -39.

I figured this deserved some ink, somewhere.

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Fantasy Football? More Like a Bad Dream — NFL Wrap Up

Overall, this was a pretty boring week in the NFL. To touch upon the teams most relevant to our readers:

1) The Patriots defense looked like hell in the first half against the Detroit Lions, allowing 17 first half points. Bill Belichick then made halftime adjustments and Tom Brady turned it on, resulting in a 35-7 second half beat down, 4 Tom Brady TD’s, and a 45-24 victory. Still, I’m not going to get excited about beating the Lions with their backup quarterback starting.

2) The Jets cruised by a lousy Cinci team, 26-10.

3) The Giants pulled out a late victory over the Jaguars, 24-20. Eli Manning managed not to turn the ball over for once resulting in a win — big surprise this formula works! This was an atrociously played football game. David Garrard was given an opportunity to win the game in the 4th quarter and should be shot for his performance. This was a crucial win for the Giants — a loss could have derailed their season.

4) Jay Cutler did what he decides to do about 10% of the time — play well — and the Bears beat Michael Vick’s Eagles despite his amazing TD pass late in the 4th quarter. A strange loss for Philly, this one keeps the Giants in the hunt in the NFC East.

All of that said, I must touch on fantasy football this week. I have long thought that fantasy sports are useless, and I continue to think so. Nothing should keep you from simply rooting for your favorite team. That said, I am in a league for work and have had a huge season with my running backs. Here is how they performed this past week:

Chris Johnson — 7 rushes for 5 yards

Darren McFadden — 8 rushes for 2 yards

Reggie Bush (backup) — 1 rush for 1 yard

Suffice it to say, I lost big time despite Tom’s big performance. Frustrating, to say the least. Even Adrian Peterson only managed 6 rushes for 36 yards. And they call these fools fantasy studs….

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Eli Manning Exposed!!!!!!!!!!

Elisha Manning New York Giants

His name is Elisha Nelson Manning ladies and gentlemen. Yup, Elisha. Elisha Elisha Elisha!  How is this not bigger news already?

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