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The 2010 FIFA World Cup — My Take

First and foremost, congratulations to Spain for winning the 2010 FIFA World Cup. I would love to have been in the streets of Madrid following the match — it looked insane from the shots of TV. I wanted the Netherlands to win, but alas, I don’t really care that much. Let me clarify my position on the World Cup — as a kid I played soccer for a long time, and absolutely loved it. I just really don’t think that soccer is a great spectator sport. In 2007 I studied abroad in London, and the energy for soccer in the city was infectious. I remember watching an epic Manchester United vs. Arsenal game in a pub, where Thierry Henry scored a game winner in the 89th minute or so. It was awesome, but being in America killed any passion for soccer I may have developed. I just couldn’t get into this year’s World Cup.

Let’s start with the Americans. I am tired of hearing about how much the US team accomplished this year. They made it out of one round, then lost. Give me a break. They sucked just like they always do. We tied Slovenia, a country with a population the size of New Mexico (2 million) and lost to Ghana, a country the size of Texas (24 million). The problem is, soccer players in America are not heroes, and probably never will be. While most countries have some girly players (see Christiano Ronaldo), they also have some superbly intense, badass players. These players are gods. We have a bunch of girly men with receding hair lines in comparison. Do I wish the US was better? I sure do. But I don’t think that is going to change for a long time.

As for the event as a whole, it’s an amazing event — one that is good for the world of sport and the world in general. I think it’s awesome that you can have games between nations like the Netherlands, like Brazil, like Japan, where the players on both sides can’t understand a single word the opponent is saying yet every player on the field is governed by the same all-encompassing rules of the game. I’m not sure there is a better international sporting event of any type, the Olympics included. Let’s face it, for the rest of the world the World Cup is that much more important.

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