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howiGit Does Atlantic City — Harrah’s Pool Bar Style

Harrah's Pool Bar

So this past weekend I ended up in Atlantic City, New Jersey, a college-buddies-reunion type of ordeal. Having gone to school in Philadelphia, this was not my first trip to AC. That said, Atlantic City is only slightly more attractive than the pit that is the Jersey Turnpike and the hellish nonsense that borders the highway (Jets Stadium included). What a dump of a state, although I admit no one goes to Atlantic City for the scenery (unless you’re looking for the seedy strip-club type).

Anyways, Atlantic City is a good place to have yourself some fun, gambling aside. Almost all casinos blur together for me, into one big, hot, cigarette-scented sensory overload filled with desperate and decrepid grandmas throwing their life savings away. Until this trip I had actually never left a casino having made money — I did this time. As I walked out of the casino on Sunday morning I put $5 into a slot machine as I waited for a buddy to buy a water, winning $21 on my last spin of the wheel. Yippee! I was smart enough not to put my winnings all on black and walked out up. For once.

The main reason I was able to avoid the casino all night was a lovely place called Harrah’s Pool Bar. Harrah’s is one of AC’s biggest casinos, and generally didn’t impress me any more than any other casino. But their Pool Bar is quite unique — I doubt I’ll go back to AC without hitting this place up again — it’s definitely one of the cooler venues I’ve ever found myself at. Pool Bar is essentially a large pool surrounded by hot tubs and cabanas, which turns nightclubish at night. There’s a DJ, a whole bunch of dancing, and a second floor that overlooks the pool and cabanas. The entire pool area is encompassed in a massive glass dome, with Harrah’s hotel and its flashing lights rising above it. A very cool atmosphere, and a very good time — I’d highly recommend it.

Audrina from The Hills was sponsoring the evening, and the infamous “Situation” was also rumored to be in the hotel although I failed to lay eyes on either of them. Regardless, if you find yourself in AC, Harrah’s Pool Bar is worth checking out.

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