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Beer of the Month — High Rock Lager

Bahamian Beer Kalik, Sands, High Rock

The Beer of the Month for January is High Rock Lager, above right. It is one of four beers brewed in the Bahamas and is definitely the best. It’s a tasty lager, similar both in taste and in the bottle to a Heineken. The other beers pictured above, Kalik and Sands, are both lighter pilsner style beers. While they are good, they are nothing to write home about. The fourth beer of the lot, Strongback, is a veryStrongback Bahamian Beer dark, almost oily stout. It’s not bad if you like darker beers, but it seems incredibly misplaced in the Bahamas. Drinking it just feels wrong. Think about the popular Corona commercials showing a couple sitting in beach chairs looking at the Caribbean with a few Coronas resting between them. Now swap out those Coronas for a pint of Guinness. It just doesn’t work.

While these beers don’t scream “January!” that’s precisely the idea of this post. For all you fools like me stuck in the northern US, take a vacation. Take it in January while the weather sucks the most. Maybe check out the Bahamas, and if you do, order a High Rock.

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