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Ken Burns’ “Baseball: The Tenth Inning” Airs Tonight

Baseball the Tenth Inning Ken Burns

Monday night football is over, and in my book, there is no must watch TV currently on Tuesday nights — tonight aside. Ken Burns’ documentary Baseball: The Tenth Inning airs tonight at 8pm EST on PBS. The series boasts two slogans — “No matter what happens off the field it’s still a beautiful game” and “A new look at the athletes, culture, and business of the game.” For any baseball fan, this is absolutely must watch TV.

I was lucky enough to receive Ken Burns’ 9-part series Baseball for Christmas when I was 11 or 12 years old. That series, which documents the history of the game from its inception until the early 1990’s, easily taught me more about the history of the game than any single source. You couldn’t possibly learn more about the game in 10 hours. This next installment focuses largely on the steroid ERA, but will most certainly also contain the story of the 2004 Red Sox. The series has instant credibility for me, especially given the fact that Ken Griffey Jr. was given the cover of the DVD. Check it out — I’m sure it will provide plenty of talking points.

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