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Johnny Damon — Stay Out of Boston

Johnny Damon

As a matter of fact Johnny, stay out of Boston altogether. When the Tigers come to play Boston, take a few personal days. Nobody wants you here.

As a Red Sox fan (and a former Damon fan, I actually got his autograph at Fenway while he was on the Royals), I was not exactly happy to see that the Sox claimed Damon off of waivers from the Detroit Tigers. Luckily for me, Damon was a coward and feared the wrath of the Boston fans too much to return — he utilizes his no trade clause to stay with the Tigers. He said that his “psyche” was “absolutely” hurt by Boston fans — as it should be. The man proved to be a complete coward, a complete sellout. Damon “loved” playing for the Red Sox, helping them win their first World Series in 86 years. He talked about it for hours on end. He wanted to stay. Boston was his home. Then he sold out to the Yankees for minimally more money. Are you kidding me? Get out of here and never come back. Stay in Detroit and hit .270 with your 7 home runs. You do a pretty great job of defining disloyalty and greed.

Now that I’m done with Johnny, let’s lay into Theo Epstein a bit. Are you kidding me Theo? You wanted Damon back? Are you that desperate? I have always defended you, and think you are just about the wisest GM in baseball. But how could you let Damon come back to the Red Sox after his betrayal? Fans will literally hurl batteries at him and boo him out of Boston. Sure, we’ve got all kinds of injuries in the outfield — but let’s not stoop this low. I’d rather than lose than have Damon help us. Have some pride, Theo. For a GM known for his patience, for once it looks like you might be panicking.

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