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Columbus Ohio Homeless Man Signs with Cleveland Cavaliers

Now this is a crazy story. The homeless man in the video above, dubbed the “man with the golden voice,” has become an internet sensation over the last couple of days after a Ohio news station covered him. Shortly thereafter, the Cleveland Cavaliers swooped in and offered the man a job as well as a house. Maybe I should have tried the “homeless man” tactic during the course of my job search.

Regardless, you’ve got to admit that this guy has a great voice. I’m all for these feel-good sort of stories, but you’ve also got to admit that:

1) You know the Cavs have got some extra cash kicking around, with Lebron taking his talents to South Beach and all.

2) Cavs owner Dan Gilbert probably still has to do some winning of the hearts and minds of Cleveland fans. Despite his ridiculous letter following Lebron’s departure and his promises of a championship before Lebron ever gets one, the Cavs are in the midst of a dismal season and Lebron is tearing it up.

This is one Cav that I’ll be rooting for, at least.

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