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Baraka — Planet Earth, for the More Bizarre


I recently checked out Ron Fricke’s Baraka, a Planet Earthesque film shot across 24 countries. This is one of those movies that you need to watch on Blu-Ray, and generally appeals to people that like movies that are “good to look at.” The movie focuses on landscapes, animals, humans, and industry — basically anything amazing to look at across the globe — using slowed down and sped up photography for effect. The movie alternates between scenes of chaos and tranquility, all the while coupling music from around the globe to the images on the screen. You see some pretty weird tribal types doing some really bizarre rituals, let me tell you. This film should be required viewing for the leaders of every country, as it does have a slight cross-cultural agenda, albeit an effective one — it certainly opened my eyes to a lot of the nonsense going on across this planet of ours. Much of this film focuses on northern Asian cultures, which is unfortunate in my eyes as I have about as much interest in northern Asian cultures as I do in eating low-fat, plain rice cakes. Otherwise, this movie is pretty astounding and certainly worth a watch — especially if you are a Discovery Channel type.

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