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MLB 2010 Season Ending Standings — Analysis

2010 MLB Standings

With the 2010 Major League Baseball regular season in the books, I was pouring over the standings from each division looking at overall records, score differentials, etc. Out of this came a few interesting tid-bits of baseball knowledge:

1) The AL West has 4 teams, the NL Central has 6 teams, and all other divisions have 5 teams. While I knew this before, as I looked over the standings it struck me once again as very strange that this does not receive more attention. It seems intuitively obvious to me that this needs to change. The bottom line is if you play in the AL West you have a much greater chance of making the playoffs than if you play in the NL Central. It just seems unfair to me. The question then is this; should the NL be considered at an advantage because they have more teams that could potentially win the World Series, or at a disadvantage because the talent is a bit more diluted?

2) Everybody knows I am the first person to credit the AL East with being by far the best division in baseball. You look at the top teams in this division, the fact that they consistently have to play one another, and how good their records are and I think this statement speaks for itself. I think that many years, including this year, you could argue that the three best teams in baseball are in the AL East. A little further analysis further proves my point. The AL East teams all have to consistently play each other, yet they still win by far the most games on average of any division in baseball.

Average Number of Wins Per Division — MLB 2010 Regular Season

AL East — 86.2 wins
AL Central — 79.8 wins
AL West — 78 wins

NL East — 83.2 wins
NL Central — 77.1 wins
NL West — 82 wins

What else do you need to know?

3) Just for the fun of it, here are the answers to my 1995-2010 Red Sox Trivia post.

Mike Greenwell
Tom “Flash” Gordon — he had 46 saves
John Valentin — 27 home runs
Scott Hatteberg
Keith Foulke
Dan Duquette
David Ortiz — yup, that’s right
Pedro Martinez — a crazy stat. His 1999 and 2000 seasons are two of the best ever.
Jeff Frye
Bronson Arroyo

Thanks to all who participated.

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Boston Red Sox Trivia — Think You Really Know the Sox?

Daisuke Matsuzaka

In the next few weeks, I will be posting a series of trivia questions focused on testing your knowledge of various sports or teams. The questions are meant to be very difficult. The idea is that you will take the quizzes, without doing any research, and comment with your answers. I’ll then award someone the high score. Like I said, these are tough questions, especially if the quiz isn’t about your favorite team. So even if you get a few questions right, you could be in the running.

We’ll start with the Red Sox, focusing on the Sox 1995-2010. Here we go.

1) I played my entire career with the Red Sox, finishing with a .303 career batting average. I came in second place in the 1988 AL MVP voting, and was the Red Sox starting left fielder in 1995. They call me “the Gator.”

2) I am the Red Sox pitcher with the most saves in a single season since 1995.

3) Mo Vaughn, aka “The Hit Dog,” won the 1995 MVP in a season where he hit 39 home runs. Which player on the Red Sox had the second most home runs that season?

4) I was the Red Sox primary catcher before Jason Varitek took over.

5) Which Red Sox pitcher was on the mound when the Sox captured the final out of the 2004 World Series?

6) Before Theo Epstein, who was the general manager of the Red Sox?

7) I am the only Red Sox player to come in the top 5 in MVP voting in 5 consecutive seasons.

8)I had a 1.74 ERA the year following my best season.

9) I am Dustin Pedroia’s size, used to play his position, and you can get the plural version of me at McDonald’s.

10) A fellow steroid user, A-Rod once tried to slap a ball out of my hand.

Comment with your answers. Good luck!

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