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Shaq Plays Statue in Harvard Square

Shaq Harvard Square Statue

Staying true to his Tweets, Celtic’s center Shaquille O’Neal arrived in Harvard Square yesterday — and proceeded to sit on a park bench, acting like a statue for an hour or so. Why? Because he’s Shaq, because he’s silly, and because he said he would. Although howiGit was planning on covering the event, alas, some of us must work at times. Fans mobbed Shaq, televisions crews arrived on site, and Shaq sat there being huge. It’s too bad he’s currently in a spat with Celtic’s forward Glen Davis — I would have loved to see Big Baby accompany Shaq and dance the “Dougie” around him. You gotta give “Shaq-a-chusetts” some credit though — he’s a man of his word. I like your moves, Shaq.

Shaq Harvard Square Statue

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