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Read howiGit’s Blog in Dirty Water News!

Dirty Water News and howiGit's Blog

You can now read howiGit’s Blog in the Dirty Water News! Our articles will be featured in both the online and print edition of the paper. Check out our 20 Best Rap Songs of All-Time post in the music section. Gotta love that Dirty Water.

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Fresh Off 20 Best Rap Songs Honor, Rapper TI Becomes a Hero

TI Rapper

Fresh off of making howiGit’s list of The 20 Best Rap Songs of All-Time (which he considers more significant than any Grammy), TI became an American hero yesterday when he “arrived out of nowhere” and talked a man out of jumping off a 22-story Atlanta hotel building. TI was leaving his house as he heard of the potential jumper on the radio, and promptly drove to the scene where he told police that he was willing to offer his assistance. The jumper was informed that TI was there to talk to him, and TI delivered the inspirational message, “Life ain’t that bad.” The man was later taken into a local hospital for a psychological evaluation.

TI’s heroics come shortly after he was arrested on drug charges last month, when he was pulled over with his wife in Hollywood driving a car that smelled of marijuana and supposedly contained ecstasy.  These charges are a breach of TI’s probation, a result of gun charges that led to him spending 9 months in prison and 3 months in a halfway house last year. His probation revocation hearing is to be held this Friday — one can’t help but wonder if his heroic act will help get him a lesser sentence, as his MTV show, TI’s Road to Redemption did last year.

The rapper’s new album King Uncaged was slated for a September 28 release, but has been pushed back due to his legal troubles.

Hear what TI has to say about his rescue here.

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The 20 Best Rap Songs of All-Time

Biggie Smalls Juicy

So here it is, my list of The 20 Best Rap Songs of All-Time. While it’s often hard to differentiate “best” from “favorite,” I’d like you to think about this list in another way — if you were introducing someone to rap music, this would be a great place to start. This list was compiled after many hours of pouring over CD jackets, researching reader submissions, and countless hours of listening.

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Here they are, in order:

1) Juicy — The Notorious BIG

2) Hit Em Up — Tupac

3) Still Dre — Dr. Dre

4) Notorious Thugs — The Notorious BIG & Bone Thugs and Harmony

5) Big Poppa — The Notorious BIG

6) Changes — Tupac

7) Ain’t Nothin But a G-Thang — Snoop Dogg

8)Victory — Puff Daddy & the Family

9) Today Was a Good Day — Ice Cube

10) Growing Pains — Ludacris

11) Hypnotize — The Notorious BIG

12) Get Money — The Notorious BIG & Junior Mafia

13) If I Ruled the World — Nas

14) The Way I Am — Eminem

15) Welcome to Atlanta — Ludacris and Jermaine Dupri

16) Been Around the World — Puff Daddy & Mase

17) EI — Nelly

18) CREAM — Wu Tang Clan

19) Ready for Whatever — TI

20) I Got 5 On It — Luniz

Honorable Mention: Brenda’s Got a Baby — Tupac
What surprised me about how this list ended up? No Jay-Z, Kanye, or 50 Cent. Only one Eminem song. Lots of Dre, Snoop, Biggy, and Tupac as expected. There are so many other awesome songs that could have made this list easily.
Other songs considered seriously include: Kanye West — Through the Wire, 50 Cent — In Da Club, Master P — Make Em Say Uh, Eminem — My Name Is, Eminem — The Real Slim Shady, Ruff Ryders — Ruff Ryders Anthem, Dr. Dre — The Next Episode, Snoop Dogg — Who Am I, Ghost Face Killer — Shakey Dog, Snoop Dogg — Gin and Juice, Bone Thugs and Harmony — Crossroads, Wu Tang Clan — Triumph, Outkast — Bombs Over Baghdad, Dr. Dre — California Love, Jay-Z — Young Forever, 50 Cent & the Game — Hate It Or Love It, Twista — Celebrity Overnight, Tupac — Keep Ya Head Up, Tupac — Dear Momma, Snoop Dogg — Law Low, Puff Daddy and the Family — Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down, Nas — New World
Make a mix tape from this list. Pump that nonsense.
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