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howiGit Gets Political — Where Are You Team America?

Barack Obama

Let me start by saying that I hate getting political, especially on this blog, so I apologize. I promise it won’t happen very often. I’d also like to state for the record that I am not a Republican, not a Democrat, and not a member of the Tea Party. I am a founding member of the “G” party, of which only myself and Snoop Dogg are members. Now that we’ve cleared that up, some minor ranting…..

I’m not trying to bash Democrats or Republicans. But it seems very apparent to me that politics in the US has been turned into something of a Yankees-Red Sox rivalry. In other words, we are not all trying to play for the same team here. I watched yesterday as many of my Republican friends celebrated the Republican party winning back the majority of the seats in the House of Representatives. They grumbled about Obama and saw yesterday as a huge victory. Yes, it was a huge victory for Republicans — but it was a huge loss for all Americans, which is what really matters. With a Democratic President and a Republican house, it will simply be that much more difficult to get anything done. Whether you like Obama’s agenda or not, getting anything done to appease either party just got a hell of a lot harder. In other words, we took a giant step backwards from actually seeing any “change,” no matter what that change might be. We handcuffed ourselves as a country yesterday, and now nobody is the winner. Not the Democrats, not the Republicans — Americans became the losers — and likely will be for the next two years.

I thought that President Obama made a good point when called out by Jon Stewart last week — his campaign promised change for America, not change for America in 18 months. And just as the economy has started to grow again, it is our own people and our own need for instant gratification that has handcuffed us. Trust me, I’m not saying that if you are Republican you should have voted Democrat or vice versa in order to keep Congress as it has been. I’m saying that you shouldn’t be celebrating a victory where America is essentially the loser for the next two years. I’ve noticed that the same people who tend to do this are also the ones who tell Americans not to vote because they are “uninformed.” Yet the people who say this all consider themselves to be very much “informed.” I hate to break it to you, but chances are pretty damn good that you have no idea what you’re talking about either. The issues that face us today are incredibly complex, as made evident by the difficulty that we’ve had fixing them. So please stop telling me you are informed. You’re no expert either.

All I’m asking is that next time you go to the polls, consider what’s best for the USA — not your favorite political party. That’s just how I G it.

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